An ambush tiger child broke his head while riding, and the villagers were eager to rescue him

Netizens broke the news: at about 1:20 p.m.

yesterday (18th), a child of about 10 years old on Fuhu Street rode a bicycle and came down from the hillside of Fuhu Liujiagou Gospel Hall.

Because there was a water well on the side of the road, it was suspected that the speed was too fast and the operation was improper.

He rushed to the slope below the side of the road, his head was injured and blood flowed.

When the villagers of Fuhu Liujiagou found it, they took the child to the road below, dialed the emergency telephone in time and sent the child to hospital in time.

Praise the enthusiastic villagers of Liujiagou village! Here, I also remind parents: now children are at home on vacation.

Usually, we must pay more attention to the dynamics of children.

If you ride a bike, don’t go to dangerous places to prevent accidents! Now it’s the end of the year, and the traffic on the highway is also large.

We must pay attention to safety! So, what should parents pay attention to? What safety knowledge points need to be known? If you want to know the answer, just look down! Don’t play on the road | choose transportation carefully in winter.

Children usually wear more, so it’s not so convenient to move.

In winter, there are often snow, freezing and other weather, the road is wet and slippery, and it is difficult for pedestrians to walk.

At the same time, when rainy and snowy weather comes, the braking performance of the car will also be affected by the weather, resulting in hidden dangers of traffic safety.

01 walk slowly and safely.

When children walk on the road, they must walk along the crosswalk or close to the roadside.

Do not run red lights or cross traffic barriers.

Don’t play on the road.

Remind children to pay attention to traffic when walking.

Don’t play on the road, watch mobile phones and listen to music when walking and cycling, and don’t play in the blind area of vehicles.

03 when choosing regular means of transportation, pay attention to taking regular means of transportation instead of black or irregular vehicles to avoid getting lost.

Do not ride or share a bicycle under the age of 12, and do not sit in the co driver’s seat.

Do not drive an electric bicycle under the age of 16.

When the elevator suddenly stops | you should first call the emergency telephone in the elevator for help.

The elevator has become a supporting facility of modern buildings, so it is essential to teach children the necessary knowledge of elevator safety.

01 obey the rules in the elevator.

Don’t press the elevator too many times or press it hard, and don’t jump or make trouble in the elevator.

02 remember to dial the emergency call for help.

If the elevator suddenly stops, do not break the elevator door by yourself, but dial the emergency call in the elevator for help first, and listen to the command of the rescue personnel when waiting for rescue.

03 hold the escalator firmly.

When taking the escalator, stand firmly and get off the elevator in time.

When playing in the room | these items should be kept away from children at home for a long time during the winter vacation.

Especially for the parents of slightly younger children, the awareness of disaster prevention is still needed.

01 keep away from furniture with edges and corners.

The edges and corners of daily necessities such as tables, chairs and cabinets in the home are relatively sharp.

When playing in the room, keep away from sharp table corners.

02 stay away from windows without guardrails.

Families living in buildings should pay attention to remind their children not to play by the window, let alone lean out of the window to guard against carelessness.

Stay away from drugs.

Parents should also pay attention to warning their children that children can’t touch drugs without the permission of adults.

Be careful when using electrical appliances, especially heating equipment.

During the winter vacation, children may use some household appliances when they are alone at home.

These appliances have certain potential safety hazards, and parents must tell their children how to use them correctly.

01 use electrical appliances correctly.

Use electrical appliances correctly according to regulations to prevent danger.

For example, when boiling water in a hot kettle, be careful not to exceed the upper water level to prevent hot water overflow.

02 disconnect the power supply in time.

After using the appliance, disconnect the power supply in time and unplug the plug at any time.

03 use heating equipment with caution.

Do not put inflammables around the heater to avoid high temperature fire.

At the same time, do not use it for a long time to avoid unsafe factors caused by wire heating.

In addition, do not touch or wipe the heating equipment with wet hands or cloth.

Setting off firecrackers during the new year is very important.

It is necessary to set off firecrackers during the new year.

It coincides with the winter vacation.

Children are at home and have great curiosity, because playing with firecrackers causes many safety accidents such as child injury, explosion and fire.

Parents should tell their children where to set off firecrackers.

When parents give firecrackers to their children, they must pay attention to reminding their children to set off firecrackers in an empty place.

Avoid children hurting passers-by by by setting off firecrackers.

At the same time, tell children not to throw firecrackers into septic tanks, gas stations and other flammable and explosive places.

Don’t let children set off some powerful firecrackers.

The degree of harm to people varies with the power of firecrackers.

Some contain more explosives and some contain less explosives.

When adults buy firecrackers for their children, they must pay attention to the content of explosives.

03 parents should take good care of their children.

In the process of setting off firecrackers, their children may be injured if they don’t pay attention.

Therefore, adults should take care of their children at any time, guide them how to play and tell them what actions they can’t do, so as to prevent safety accidents.

Don’t go to dangerous places | play dangerous games carefully | when playing with friends in winter vacation, we must pay attention to safety, don’t go to dangerous places and don’t play dangerous games.

01 stay away from dangerous ice during winter vacation.

When going out to play, avoid going to dangerous places, such as playing and skating on the naturally frozen rivers, lakes, ponds and pools with protective fences and warning signs, so as to prevent ice breaking and drowning accidents.

02 get along well with children.

When playing, partners should know how to abide by the rules, be polite, do not compete or rob, play games safely and avoid unnecessary disputes and fights.

Don’t disclose personal information to strange netizens.

In the information society, everyone’s life is closely related to the Internet..