Although riding is good, novices don’t have to ride every day!

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Life is rich and colorful, and so is riding.

When you get on your bike, step on your feet and start riding, you can enjoy the fun of sports, the surrounding scenery, the sky, the smell and sound of nature! Therefore, many novices will look forward to and yearn for riding this weekend during the interval between their first ride.

However, ordinary riders are not professional athletes.

They do not have to deliberately pursue the amount of riding, but ride in a reasonable amount according to their own age and physical condition, so as to achieve the effect of strengthening their body.

Since 1817, bicycle inventor Dreis began his first cycling tour, cycling has entered thousands of households.

The benefits of cycling are obvious and one of the most effective exercises.

However, we should not blindly aim at mileage and speed.

According to our own physical conditions, we should follow the following six simple guidelines: first, within the first 15 minutes of riding, deliberately relax our thighs and shoulders, avoid deliberately exerting ourselves, and try to find the rhythm.

Second, in the following riding time, you should know how to ride step by step.

You should grasp the frequency of resting once in half an hour until you feel it and start endurance riding.

You will experience the wonderful processes that take place in your body: the number of red blood cells increases, blood pressure rises, blood vessels dilate, and hormones reach balance.

Third, slow down your riding speed.

Comfort does not come from the best riding performance and the longest distance record, but depends on your subjective feeling.

Don’t take into account the ridicule of others, forget about the quality of bicycles and equipment.

What you have to do is “duty to fun”: intoxication instead of sweating, gentle exercise instead of hard training.

Fourth, after 30 minutes, the tension of the body disappears.

Now, you can continue to ride without problem, while enjoying the surrounding scenery, the sky, the smell and sound of nature.

After the fifth or one hour of slow riding, there was a qualitative change: new capillaries dilated, harmful cholesterol was removed, and the balance of hormones turned into a lower emergency response balance.

You will feel relaxed when stepping on it, and it seems that you can continue to ride endlessly.

When you’re exhausted, you make a mistake.

Sixth, “although seafood is delicious, you can’t eat it every day!” Every good thing you enjoy every day is delicious and tasteless.

Don’t drink tea every day.

The consequence of refreshing stimulation every day is fatigue, just like bowstring.

Tension and relaxation should be carried out alternately.

The more you ride, the more confident you are, the more relaxed you ride, and the more determined you ride.

Looking back at the uphill of the first ride, those sweat marks are still clear.

The purpose of mass cycling is very simple.

It is to keep fit, enhance physical fitness and reduce the invasion of diseases.

Therefore, there is no need to be angry about not cycling this week.

After all, cycling is not a necessity of our life, so we can adhere to cycling and fitness within a reasonable range.

What if the ride is delayed? In our daily life, when we can’t get away from work or study, what should we do if the riding is delayed? Have all your previous efforts been wasted? If you are delayed for about a week due to illness, you can return to the riding plan before illness after recovery; If you are delayed for a week due to business matters, you should reduce the riding time appropriately on the first day of recovery.

If you ride for more than one week, you should reduce the amount of exercise to half that before you stop riding, so as to give your body room for readjustment.

Of course, after a period of time, there will be a sense of strangeness.

At this time, the most important thing is to invest in sports with confidence and encourage yourself from time to time.

Therefore, riding is actually a step-by-step process that varies from person to person.

It doesn’t matter if you occasionally give up or are delayed for special reasons.

As long as you have perseverance, you can make up for it after a short interruption.

Did you ride too much? Excessive riding is that riding forces the body to overwork.

If muscles and joints feel tired and sore, they will not function well.

Therefore, continuous excessive riding will put the body at greater risk of injury.

Generally speaking, excessive riding has the following symptoms: severe pain in the buttocks, and soreness in the cervical spine and arms.

After getting up the next day, I can’t lift up my spirit, sleep well, and have insomnia, resulting in a sense of fatigue; I feel depressed when riding, and I feel disgusted when I think of climbing; Physical strength decreases and the body recovers slowly; No swelling and saturation of muscles; Local muscle groups have long-term hidden pain points; In the morning, the pulse accelerates and the blood pressure rises; The pace of life is completely centered on riding behavior, ignoring the commitment to family and friends; Riding despite illness or injury; Acute injury, such as knee sprain, etc.

Generally speaking, it is ideal that the muscles feel a little sore and can recover in two or three days.

If riding brings pleasure and vitality, the best effect can be achieved.

We ride to relieve our mood, strengthen our body, and live, work and study better.

Then we don’t have to treat it as a daily task, because this task has no end.

It doesn’t hurt to let our body rest for a while.

Don’t ride for riding, and don’t climb for climbing! Enjoy the ride and enjoy life! If you like this article, just click it ~ ~ ~..