After you fall in love with cycling, you should also have principles!

Long term incorrect riding habits will affect the hand, neck, waist muscle strain, and reproductive system.

If there is no riding principle, the outdoor trip is likely to end at the age of 40.

01 The principle of no injury training, no injury training, is to ride longer! Stop and recover as soon as you feel uncomfortable! If a part of you has pain for two consecutive days while riding, you need to stop and rest for two days.

If it has lasted for two weeks, you should see a doctor in time.


In principle, the mileage increased by weekly training should not exceed 10% of the previous week.

If the riders increase the amount of training too quickly, it is easy to cause injuries.

” 03.

Two hours after a meal In principle, wait one hour after eating before riding.

For most people, two hours is enough to digest the food in their stomach, even if they eat high carbohydrate food.

If you don’t wait long enough, the food will not be properly digested and absorbed, which may lead to abdominal cramps, abdominal distension and even vomiting.


Principles of warm-up before riding In order to make your body more adaptable and perform better, you must warm up to activate your motor nerves.

You can choose some stretching exercises to warm up.

If you have a rest for more than 15 minutes, you need to warm up again.


Cross training principle The cycling training should not only be cycling, but also do some strength exercises and cross training to make the body develop in an all-round way.

Cycling+running is a good combination of sports.


In principle, when going uphill or downhill, your speed will be reduced by more than the speed increment when going downhill, so climbing training will be much slower than on the flat ground.

The energy consumed in climbing can’t be recovered by going downhill, because a lot of energy is consumed when you go downhill and touch the ground.


Principle of Supply Before the long-distance race, your food should contain more carbohydrates, rice, noodles and other foods.

Of course, there is no need to say more water.

The more the better.

In addition, you can also bring some food to supplement calories, such as Snickers.


Reasonably arrange a rest ride.

In addition to riding, you should also have a rest.

Riding is also an intense exercise, which will consume a lot of human body, so after that, the body needs some time to recover.

If you ignore the body repair completely and continue to ride, you are destroying yourself.

Be a smart rider and give yourself a reasonable rest.


Compliance with traffic rules can avoid more than 80% of traffic accidents.

When riding, the traffic rules of stopping at a red light and running at a green light are also applicable to non motor vehicles.

If you see a sign that bicycles and motorcycles are prohibited, please push it on the sidewalk or change to another route.


Keep water and salt balance.

Bring mung bean soup with normal temperature or cold boiled water.

As we all know, drinking ice water after exercise is easy to cause heart discomfort, so bring warm water.


I am very “timid”.

Ten are fast, nine are fast, and one is very fast.

As long as you ride on the road, you should wear all helmets and gloves, and goggles under the hot sun are also necessary.

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