After riding, the painting style has changed greatly, just like two people

Once you ride, it’s as deep as the sea.

You can’t extricate yourself.

You can’t change your character! There is nothing wrong with using this sentence to describe cyclists! Since I fell in love with cycling, I have no holidays.

As long as I have time, I will invest in the embrace of nature! Friends will question you, relatives will complain about you, and many friends can’t help asking, “are friends who ride reliable?” Riding will really change a person and change your life from the inside out.

These changes after riding will see if there is one about you? After riding, your mental outlook has changed.

You can easily control all kinds of fashion clothes.

What you care about every day is how to improve yourself, make more money, make more money.

The painting style was like this before.

He has changed since he got involved in cycling.

Dark complexion, bold and unrestrained character, uniform dress, fast drying clothes, trousers, gaobang shoes Now the painting style is like this.

After riding, you can obviously feel that your body is much better and more energetic.

My eyes are brighter and more divine.

I find that my physical fitness still has a lot of room to improve.

The pressure of daily life and work is released through cycling, and the whole person is like beating chicken blood.

After riding, the quality of life has changed.

In the past, the layout of the home was very strict, not low-key and luxurious, but at least it had to be comfortable and tidy.

Before, the painting style was like this.

Now the home is full of sundries, large and small, and all kinds of “treasures” are picked up from the outside.

Now the painting style is like this.

After riding, I get paid.

Weekend activities are different.

In the past, there were always various arrangements for weekends, such as sleeping in, shopping, eating big meals and watching movies.

I can live a regular life and enjoy the world to my heart’s content.

The painting style used to be like this.

Now every weekend, only wild people can be caught alive.

Now the painting style is like this.

There are more and more friends, but less and less time.

Friends are about to play games and answer on the way; The friend didn’t make an appointment to eat, but answered on the way; My girlfriend made an appointment to go shopping with me.

She was already on the road early; Only when you make an appointment to ride a bike can you meet.

Don’t be picky about sleeping after riding.

You used to pay attention to sleeping.

The bed should be soft, the pillow should be high and the quilt should be fragrant.

The painting style used to be like this.

Now the painting style is like this.

After riding, the life goal has changed.

The previous life plan was to make money, buy a car, buy a house, marry a wife and have a baby.

Now the goal is like this: the bicycle is in hand and go if you want.

Now the painting style is like this.

After riding, there was a financial crisis.

Before that, you didn’t worry about financial problems at all.

Although you can’t be said to be rich, at least you are well off.

The painting style used to be like this.


Now the painting style is like this.

Where does the money go? Let me show you my personal equipment library! We live frugally at ordinary times.

When we ride out by bike, it is a carbon fiber frame, a top-level or sub top-level large set, a wheel set made by a brand factory, and all kinds of equipment are available.

They are all brand goods,.

I’m not willing to buy clothes at ordinary times.

I wear cycling clothes one after another.

I prefer to eat dirt, save money and load the riding equipment I like.

I check and prepare all kinds of equipment before riding every time.

I have put the equipment in the easiest place to get it early; After riding home, instead of taking a bath, washing clothes and eating, you clean the car, maintain it and look at the data.

Are you the same? You can’t take him to meet friends after riding.

Before, you can’t say he was very handsome, at least But now Since riding, I have found that I am not the same “me” in my eyes, in the eyes of my parents and in the eyes of others! Why is it suddenly a little blocked..