After riding the bike for five years, all the children in the community changed cars

Some time ago, I recommended a children’s bike, which is the latest model tailored for children – Uber aluminum alloy ultra light belt pulley Mars rover! The children’s boots they bought were full of praise.

They said that they were cool, safe and light, and the children liked them very much.

The missed children’s boots are chasing me and asking when I can return to the group.

Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll bring it to you today.

The sun is getting brighter and brighter.

It’s time for children to ride bicycles and have fun.

As a hobby and Sport beneficial to the body and mind, it contributes to the healthy growth of children: exercise the muscles of the whole body, improve coordination and balance, improve metabolism, reduce the risk of disease, improve brain power, maintain the sensitivity of thinking, learning and judgment, promote the secretion of dopamine and endorphin, make the mood happier, and stay away from short videos Before the video game, I specially wrote an article about the benefits of cycling to children (if you need children’s boots, you can click the link to see it) 👉: Spring is the most suitable sport for children.

Many children’s boots are in the message, saying “too much need” and “wait for the link”…

Since children like it so much and cycling exercise is beneficial, the rest is to prepare a suitable children’s bike! I’m still most satisfied with recommending youbei who has been riding Dabao for 5 years.

It is estimated that many old mothers are confused when it comes to choosing bicycles for their children.

There are so many stroller brands on the market, and each brand has so many models.

Just looking at the fancy propaganda of the merchants, I don’t understand which one to choose.

Finally, either follow the crowd and choose the best-selling one, or buy the most expensive one with the money, but it may not be the most suitable one for your children.

Previously, I told you that Dabao has ridden four bicycles since he was more than two years old.

The first one is a gift.

The second and third are all from the Uber family.

One is the interstellar flying car and the other is the little flying bear.

Not only are we satisfied with ourselves, but we recommend it to several neighbors.

They all think it’s very good and the money is worth it.

Last year, because youbei didn’t have a model suitable for older children, chuanpa temporarily bought a German brand mountain bike for Dabao.

A very unsatisfactory experience.

Bicycles are very heavy, and Dabao is not easy to implement; Too complex and professional operation methods, he can’t master them well; The installation process is also very complicated.

One place hasn’t been fixed yet.

Nearly 2000 bicycles (including other equipment) can only eat ash in the yard.

To tell the truth, chuanpa also studied for a long time at that time, but he still looked away.

Later, Uber immediately told us that the new bike had a large size, and we immediately bought two for research.

To be honest, a study has increasingly found that buying bicycles for older children is much more complex and difficult than when they were young.

Therefore, we consulted a lot of additional information, consulted the quasi professional players around us, ran offline stores and sorted out some “car selection experience” for you.

To sum up, we should first look at the material, second look at the brake, third look at the tire and fourth look at the size.

① Children’s bicycles on the market are mainly made of high carbon steel, (magnesium) aluminum alloy and plastic.

Among them, the plastic material is the worst, which can be ignored.

High carbon steel has sufficient strength and good load-bearing and safety, but due to its high density, the weight of the bicycle will also be very heavy, which is not convenient for children to use.

The density of magnesium alloy is lower than that of aluminum alloy.

It can also be integrated into a high-value car body, but its anti-aging performance is very poor, so you can’t help riding.

Over time, rigidity and toughness will decrease significantly.

Although the cost of aluminum alloy is higher than that of carbon steel (lower than that of magnesium alloy), it can ensure the stiffness and strength, and the weight is light enough.

It is the most ideal material at present.

② braking (commonly known as “braking”) is mainly divided into holding brake, V brake and disc brake (including wire pull disc brake and oil pressure disc brake).

Holding brake is the previous braking method, which has been gradually eliminated now.

V brake: pull the power arm through the brake line to cooperate with the brake edge of the wheel rim for braking.

The utility model has the advantages of low price, convenient maintenance and light weight, but the braking effect is worse in rainy days or downhill, and the brake skin is easy to be consumed.

Photo source: Zhihu netizen @ two wheels to see the world line pull the disc brake: use the brake cable to transfer the power to the brake caliper, and then the brake caliper rubs the disc for braking.

The advantage is that it is cheap and easy to repair, but the braking effect is worse for long-distance or downhill, so it needs regular maintenance.

Photo source: Zhihu netizen @ two wheels to see the world oil pressure disc brake: use the hydraulic oil to transmit the power to the brake caliper, and then the brake caliper rubs the disc to realize braking.

The advantage is that it can adapt to a variety of weather and road conditions.

Especially in rainy days, the braking effect is better than V brake, but the weight is relatively large and it is not so convenient for maintenance.

Picture source: Zhihu netizen @ two wheels to see the world ③ tires generally depend on whether they are solid or inflated.

Solid tires do not need to be inflated.

The manufacturing cost and selling price are lower, but the resistance is large.

It is relatively laborious to ride, and it is not wear-resistant.

Solid tires can be considered for children under 3 years old, and pneumatic tires are recommended for children under 3 years old.

④ Size: Generally speaking, the size of bicycle refers to the wheel diameter (in inches), such as 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, etc.

For bicycles of different sizes, there are not only differences in wheel diameter, but also differences in frame height, body length, handlebar width, torque and so on.

If the size is too large, it is difficult for the child to ride; If it’s too small, you have to curl up your legs and feel very bent.

However, the height of the seat and handlebar of most bicycles can be adjusted.

If you buy a little bigger, you can use it for two more years.

Just make sure your child’s supporting foot can touch the ground when braking.

The specific dimensions can refer to the table below, but the parameters of different brands and types of bicycles will be slightly different..