After retirement, I joined the cycling group, but I encountered a shocking scene. 60 year old aunt: it’s better to quit quickly

The introduction believes that many of our old people will find something to do for themselves after retirement.

On the one hand, the reason is that the elderly work for a long time.

Now they are suddenly idle.

They are a little uncomfortable.

Another reason is that after retirement, the elderly have a lot of free time, so they can continue to develop their interests and hobbies.

Like the popular square dance, social dance, fishing, chess and many other activities, we old people can choose according to our actual needs.

It is reasonable to say that no matter what kind of activities the elderly participate in, there is only one purpose for the elderly.

In other words, the elderly want to make their old life more “colorful” through such activities.

But in this process, some of our old people are under the guise of doing some other messy things.

Aunt Tang, 60, met this kind of thing: she joined the cycling group after retirement.

Her original intention was only to strengthen her body and travel around the mountains.

However, what some people did in the middle was to make her feel very shocking, so she quickly chose to quit! Confider: 60 year old aunt Tang, my name is Tang Xiaohui.

I’m 60 years old.

I retired from a public institution when I was 55.

When I retired, my husband had to be in the unit for another seven or eight years to retire.

When I just retired, my daughter happened to have a serious illness, so I worked hard and took care of her for three years at her home.

Later, my daughter recovered gradually, and I was completely relieved and returned to my home.

At that time, there was a small park near our community, where people danced square dance or social dance almost every day.

Since there were such good conditions and advantages, how could I let it go? So I went to dance with these people every day when I had nothing to do.

But who ever thought, I only danced in the small park for a year, and I can’t dance again in the future, because all kinds of noise problems in the small park have been complained by residents.

In the future, I will face the situation of having nothing to do again.

One day I went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables and came back.

From a distance, I saw a group of old people wearing unified cycling clothes, and each of them was riding a small pedal motorcycle.

Taking advantage of the gap between them waiting for the traffic lights, I quickly asked the last eldest sister, are they selling motorcycles? The elder sister told me that these retired old people, who are old and have nothing to do now, spontaneously organized an elderly cycling group to ride around every day when they have nothing to do.

I was interested at that time and quickly asked for the contact information of my eldest sister.

After I got home, I told my husband my idea of joining the cycling group.

My husband agreed at that time.

I had a motorcycle driver’s license.

Two days later, I spent 7000 yuan to buy a brand-new pedal motorcycle.

Half a month later, I officially joined the team of the elderly cycling group.

To tell the truth, since joining this cycling group, I really realized that what is happiness and happiness? Sometimes we ride near the county seat, and sometimes we go to the sparsely populated countryside.

Sometimes, when we ride too far away and can’t get home at night, we will find a place with beautiful scenery to camp.

At night, we sit around the fire and eat, sing and dance together.

To tell the truth, I think this kind of life is the life I should pursue and yearn for most in my life.

At that time, the people around me were also very envious of my current life.

Even my husband and children supported me to participate in such activities.

Don’t mention how happy I was in my heart at that time.

I had planned that when my husband retired, I would also let him join me in this cycling group activity, but what I never thought of was that the scene that happened six months later made me completely break the idea.

One day, we all made an appointment to ride to a tourist attraction in other places.

During the day, we all had a special fun and fun.

Originally, that night, according to the original plan, we should find a suitable place near the scenic spot and set up tents and camps as before.

But it rained heavily that day, and there was no suitable place near the scenic spot for so many of us to set up tents, so we temporarily decided to stay in a hotel with large shops.

At that time, we had a total of more than a dozen sisters living in a large room.

When I got up to go to the bathroom at night, I found that the beds of two sisters were empty.

I didn’t take it to heart at that time, but when I got up the next morning, I found that the beds of the two sisters were still empty.

This frightened me.

I thought something had happened to them.

As soon as I walked out of the room, I heard the voice of one of the sisters talking to a man in our cycling group.

I was almost in a circle at that time.

I remember clearly that they were not husband and wife at all.

Why did they sleep together last night? I quickly told my doubts to a sister who had a very good relationship with me.

No one was surprised to think of my sister.

According to her, this kind of thing had happened before I came to the cycling group.

She had seen it for a long time.

After listening to her words, my heart is really mixed.

Until now, I can’t understand why they do such things when they clearly have families and children? Don’t they know there’s shame in the world? After returning home from the tourist attractions, I immediately decided that I’d better quit quickly.

There is no room for sand in my eyes.

In the future, I’ll stay at home and go nowhere.

After my husband retires, we’ll meet again to ride together..