After I became addicted to riding, I became like this

After becoming addicted to riding, the whole person changed.

On weekdays, I want to touch my car when I’m free.

I can’t stop riding every time.

It’s an addictive feeling that outsiders can’t understand.

To be honest, once you ride it, you can’t get off.

From riding a bike to not riding a day now! The weak rookies who used to be tired when riding a bike are now starting to explode a bunch of old birds! In the past, you had to rest once for a month.

Now you only have to rest once a month! Originally, the work and rest were irregular.

I slept in the morning, slept in the night and slept all the time.

Now I get up early every day and ride in the morning, night and all the time! I used to choose the weather when riding.

Now the wind, rain and sun can’t stop me from riding! The time that once roamed the Internet and played games is now dedicated to cycling! No wonder there is no object! Others’ circles of friends are all self portraits.

Our circles of friends are all cars! Car! Car! Most people like to ask “have you eaten yet?” We all say “did you ride your bike?” From a rookie to a data party and equipment control! I won’t feel tired of riding for a long time.

Give me a car and I can ride it for a lifetime!..