Advocate civilized riding of electric vehicles, traffic regulations into the campus and community

In order to effectively improve the road traffic safety awareness of students in the area, prevent traffic accidents and create a safe and civilized traffic environment for students, Xiyuan Community, Xiyuan street, Xinhua District, and Xinhua Traffic Police Brigade went deep into Xiyuan primary school in the area on the afternoon of January 7 to carry out traffic safety activities on campus.

During the activity, the police of Xinhua Traffic Police Brigade organized students to master more traffic safety knowledge through traffic safety scene simulation and traffic gesture command.

At the same time, campus radio and LED electronic screen were used to popularize traffic safety laws and regulations and traffic safety knowledge, so as to play the role of “small hand holding big hand”, Drive the majority of teachers, students and parents to enhance their awareness of compliance with laws and civilized travel.

The wonderful publicity received bursts of applause from the students.

Through this traffic safety knowledge into the campus activity, more road traffic safety knowledge was popularized for the students, so that the children could understand traffic laws and regulations and stay away from road traffic hazards.

In order to further promote the special action for the comprehensive treatment of electric vehicles and ensure the travel safety of the masses, Xiyuan Community and Xinhua Traffic Police Brigade carried out a publicity campaign on the safe use of electric vehicles in the north courtyard of Xiyuan Community on the same day, and popularized the relevant policies on electric vehicle management to the residents by issuing understanding papers and proposals, so as to let more people understand the importance of civilized travel, Advocate residents to consciously abide by traffic rules, stay away from traffic accidents, and travel in a civilized and safe manner.

This publicity campaign is mainly aimed at explaining the concept of electric vehicles, the concept of illegally refitted and assembled motor vehicles, the prohibition of riding, the basic conditions on the road, and the penalties for driving unlicensed motor vehicles.

At the same time, for the safe use of electric vehicles, the staff further strengthened to remind the owners of electric vehicles to pay attention to safe charging, parking and other behaviors, and earnestly strengthened the importance of safe power use of electric vehicles.

Community staff and the police of Xinhua Traffic Police Brigade went deep into the community to issue the proposal for the special action for the comprehensive treatment of electric vehicles to residents, so as to expand the people’s awareness of traffic safety knowledge.

Volunteers gave face-to-face explanations on the safety specifications of electric vehicles and the change of license plates of electric vehicles, and explained through examples to let the people further understand the potential safety hazards of electric vehicle riding and the importance of standardizing riding.

Source: Shijiazhuang daily Supervisor: Zhang Zhigang, Su Yan editor: Chen Zhi, Liang Peng editor: Wang en, Wang Yan camp: Shijiazhuang radio and television new media center..