Activity review – riding in the warm winter of the new year

No photography, no riding! Every ride is a wonderful experience, and those handsome ride photos are the unforgettable marks we leave together.

When we look back on the years, it is the most unforgettable time in our life…

The last ride in 2021 – Jianyang ride, with excitement and long-awaited activities, we are finally going to start.

At 10 a.m., put on our equipment, We started from the spring breeze of the founding of the people’s Republic of China.

Today’s trip is to arrive at Jianyang, warm the heart and stomach with a bowl of authentic mutton soup, and then ride from Jianyang to Sanxing danjingtai to see the scenery.

The whole journey is about 130 kilometers.

Finally on the road, we galloped along the road like the birds just released from the cage.

During the ride, the wind accompanied us all the way and guided the way.

After an hour and a half, we gradually reached our destination in the company of each other.

Arrived at Jianyang on time at 12:00, and finally ate the mutton soup.

A warm mutton soup made the cold winter suddenly sunny, which warmed the body and mind of each knight.

In the next ride, everyone was more energetic.

After tasting the perfect food and taking a rest at 13:00, we embarked on the journey to the three-star Danjing platform.

The scenery along the way is very pleasant.

Although it is in winter, the enthusiasm distributed all over makes people feel one step closer to spring.

Arrive at the destination – at the foot of Sanxing danjingtai mountain.

After parking your vehicles neatly, we will go up the mountain on foot, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the mountain, and head for the danjingtai on the top of the mountain.

After a long walk, everyone sat on the ground and laughed.

It felt like going back to the scene of outing as a child.

Walking heavier and heavier, I finally reached the danjingtai.

The refreshing air mixed with the breath of the new year came to my face, sweeping away the fatigue along the road.

Although it is a winding mountain path along the road, it is also full of fun.

Looking from a distance, the continuous mountains make people sigh about the uncanny workmanship of nature, and the mountains make the bumps and fatigue all the way meaningful.

As the new year approaches, everyone also leaves their wishes for the new year on the wish board one by one.

May it turn into good luck all year round by riding the upcoming spring breeze all over the mountain.

In a happy mood, we finally completed this new year’s warm winter riding trip and spent this wonderful Knight weekend together.

Let’s look forward to our next gathering.

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