Activity record | Hainan Xinglong national rainforest greenway cycling, you must come and experience it once

For the national greenway, at least I have no concept.

After all, there are many greenways in Shenzhen, and I am not a person in the cycling circle.

I always feel that this greenway will not be bad.

Then let’s go! Because the green road is not flat and shakes badly during the live broadcast, there are various rainforest plants on both sides of HA greenway.

In the spring season, Bauhinia and flame flowers bloom one after another, especially flame flowers, which are particularly flirtatious in a green world, like their original name and gorgeous like fire.

Around the corner, I met a large area of oak trees.

In Hainan, oak trees can take juice to make rubber, which is also one of the local cash crops.

Palm, coconut and betel nut are indistinguishable, but oak is still easy to identify.

As a southerner, it’s the first time to see areca tree.

It looks like this! Around this greenway, there are naturally many health resorts, so it’s very pleasant to meet people walking in pajamas and see poetic road names, such as “Garden Road”.

Of course, you can also meet other riding teammates.

We have the same aspirations and met a happy new year.

It’s so Chinese! Our bike was damaged by us! Lifting a bicycle has become a landmark action to take photos and punch in.

As long as the bicycle is lifted well, Xiaobai can also become a great God.

Riding on the road, regardless of age and gender, we are all riding enthusiasts who can get together and are 18 years old.

For such a cycling environment, I really want to say: love, love.

For example, when we met an aunt at rest, her eyes were full of longing for cycling.

She was extremely envious of our choice of cycling in Hainan.

She took out her mobile phone and took photos.

I can understand that it takes great courage to take the first step after all, so you are the best to wear a little red flower to the members of the riding team! At the end of the ride, there must be a sense of ceremony.

Therefore, we specially prepared riding certificates and medals for each friend who finished riding, so as to leave some souvenirs for this riding.

Among our cyclists, there are big sisters who are retiring soon and little sisters who have just entered the society.

As long as you have perseverance, welcome to Hainan to challenge! Family travel is even more common! In the eyes of parents, regardless of age, they are the treasure of parents.

Riding with their children to see the world can not only temper their will, but also feel the scenery under the gear.

satisfy both sides! As for uncles and aunts, you may not be able to ride them! At least I’m the one who is always surpassed.

I’m ashamed.

The uncle said “OK, I’ll let you next time”.

The little girl is very satisfied with her achievements.

The medals won by her own efforts and sweat are always full of gold! I’d like to thank Arvin and Xiao Jiang for taking care of you all the way ♥️ Wenchang Boao: 32km Boao Xinglong: 60km Xinglong greenway: 22km.

The total mileage of this ride is about 115km.

The rider Xiaobai’s entry mileage.

More riding routes in Hainan will be launched later.

Please continue to pay attention to us!.