Absurd realism | day 78, I rode for 3 hours to see the outside world!

Finally, it’s our turn to let the wind out of our community.

As a resident who started to be autistic in mid March, he got the legendary exit permit.

He was delighted and Strange! Our community has been strictly controlled, one person per household, staggering peak hours and limited time to go out.

As the “boss writing composition” in honey peach’s mouth, my family elected me, who needs to move around most to survive, to explore the outside world, and to be a Cinderella who not only doesn’t have a beautiful pumpkin car, but also pedals her own bicycle.

Like every female compatriot who gets the chance to go out, she dresses up early and sprays her favorite orange blossom perfume in summer, as if she really wants to go to the prince’s dance 🤦‍♀️。 To be honest, there was an illusion of “who I am, where I am, and where I am going” when I came out of the fence of the community.

This is the city where I have lived for many years.

How can I feel strange.

Although free, you can’t use private cars.

So I swept away a squeaky little yellow car, and my heart told me to go where there was smoke and anger.

The North-South viaduct, which is always in traffic jam, is now empty.

It seems that the main road under the viaduct can sing folk songs Xujiahui, which can be reached by pressing the accelerator at ordinary times, made me snort for nearly half an hour.

Suddenly, Xujiahui church, which usually doesn’t pay much attention, appeared in front of us.

At exactly the same hour, the melodious bell rang through the sky, and both the people in the square and the riders like me stopped.

Listen quietly and hold up your mobile phone.

As if I had never experienced the mood.

I also stayed for a while, and a few words floated in my heart, “the country is peaceful and the people are safe.”.

Although I don’t know whether to make a wish to God or Buddha in this situation, since I passed by, I don’t want to miss any chance to pray Whether it works or not.

99% of the shops seen by the naked eye on the road are affixed with seals.

In addition to the guarantee unit, a narrow door is open.

I don’t know whether human beings are pessimistic about such phenomena as “Prohibition”, “closure” and “no business”.

Seeing these small shops in silence, my heart still can’t help but sigh.

It took me a long time to see the open convenience stores and snack shops.

Of course, queuing is standard configuration.

At the same time, there are residents who, like me, hold up their mobile phones to record this “incredible” friend.

However, I don’t know whether the flowers on both sides of the road have also heard the good news of gradually warming up and are in full bloom.

They seem to talk to me and let me still have the love and confidence as usual.

The more you ride downtown, the more people there will be.

Wutong district is as beautiful as ever.

Of course, the legendary original open-air Tony salon seems to have become a beautiful scenery on the street.

Yes, you are right.

I rode for an hour and reached the place where I can reach with three foot accelerator—— Space Center Wukang building! Say it’s a tourist attraction, or say it’s a dot com punch in.

In this crack in lockdown, Hushang residents came here at the same time, which shows that there seems to be a bit of magic spirit hidden here.

Although it was a windy day, nothing came back from the outside world.

There is no coffee fragrance in my heart.

I can’t even find one at the delivery window.

I can only stop half of the riding class and take out the prepared pure water For a moment, I seemed to find the feeling of spring outing in primary school: I was very excited before starting, I was very bored in the park, and I had to make up my homework when I went back to school It seems that there are more experienced “wind experts” in the crowd! They brought their own picnic mats and takeout, and even beer and coffee! Sitting at the gate of my favorite coffee shop, I met my friends in three hours! I saw many excited Wang Xingren.

In the streets and alleys, there are many CP’s who haven’t seen each other for two months because of isolation.

I didn’t expect to meet the bustling street park, which is a paradise for sports experts.

I saw a handsome blond man playing badminton in Hushang.

“I’m feeding him the ball, or he’ll be too tired.” my uncle was leisurely hitting the ball while talking to his companions in Shanghai dialect.

Sitting on a park bench.

Just in a daze.

I’m going to listen to all the voices in my ears.

I can feel everything melting slowly.

For example, the kind express brother.

And my beautiful little sister.

Of course, the 15 minute nucleic acid circle seems to be ready.

However, it was not easy to see a family that was open and did not line up.

When I walked in, I saw that it had been “looted”.

I’m curious how bad the top coffee is.

There’s a row of coffee left Actually, I have never seen such empty Hengshan Road and Urumqi South Road.

And the little sister’s secret base, also ended in a depression.

It seems that the pleasure of drinking in a small skirt and the evening breeze is something of a previous life.

It’s not easy to come out for a trip.

It seems that you have to spend a little money to deserve this extra time bike fitness class.

Before the failure of the crystal shoes, I finally found a dessert delivery station in operation.

Inexplicably like the store name, Jufu.

After this round after round, I have become superstitious, but I am willing to believe in any action that can make my life feel more positive.

For example, if I eat a cake called “Jufu”, I will have the blessing of an early and comprehensive release.

The way home is another one hour ride.

If it weren’t for the strange regulations restricting the activity radius, I really wouldn’t look at the roadside scenery from such an angle.

Shanghai is still that Shanghai, and Shanghai residents are still so positive.

Those who cannot defeat us will make us stronger.

It was almost dark on the road.

I saw a convenience store replenishing goods.

It was important to clean up a lot of favorite children’s snacks and fill the handles on both sides of the bike..