A woman on the street in Beijing was harassed by hooligans when she was riding. Woman: I feel it is intentional

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Recently, at a street intersection in Beijing, a woman was riding a motorcycle on the road when she suddenly put out a hand behind her and touched her arm.

The woman felt that the man leaned over on purpose.

The lawyer said that the man’s act of touching the body of a strange woman in public was suspected of indecency.

Video source: Sohu Qianliyan netizen’s comment on poverty — @ Yan Xiaopan0216: Hands really owe @ positive energy: our gang said that it was inhumane to cut off the man’s hands.

When you see doctors treating diseases, they say that they are quacks.

They are all headache healers, foot pain healers, and not fundamentally treated.

I think that although his hands are very short, he should directly crack his male genitalia, which fundamentally solves this problem.

You think what I said is right.

Meng Xuan: Don’t code, hate the salty pig hand.

@ Xiao S: confiscate the crime tools and cut off your hands.

But the question arises: even if the license plate is photographed, can the white plate of the tram catch people? Since you can’t, why do you want to register? Isn’t it just a car@ 🌸 daughter 🌸 Nordodom~Yan: It’s necessary to manage the public security.

Those who are timid are easily frightened@ 🍻 Yuanyuan: Girl, be more confident.

Please remove the word “feeling”.

@ A Zichao: Is it cool to cut the feed dog and touch it? @ Yue: These two stinky perverts riding electric bikes…

@ Deng: I’m free.

The police should find a place for him to stay for a few days@ Dabai Salvia Miltiorrhiza: This is a scum level hooligan behavior, which should be administratively detained@ Yi Jingxian Weng Changxin: As evidenced by the video, this behavior endangers traffic safety and is suspected of indecency.

The traffic police and the public security investigated him@ Jack: This guy is full.

Go in and have a good reflection.

@ Guanghui: Call the police.

A few days ago, everyone in the car was detained.

This can also be detained@ Little will grow up 🐱🐢: Why do you need to code in this case? Don’t be ashamed of yourself.

You should make it public @ Li.: Mosaic is the most unsuccessful invention @ A’s children in the south of the city πŸ‘ΆπŸ»οΌš Motorcycles can’t use the auxiliary road@ πŸ’― Wuisunreasonable πŸ’―οΌš This report must be arrested@ Xinyu: Two smelly hooligans can smile.

Brother Zhu: He is still carrying people.

He was caught and asked the traffic police to give him a note.

@ HAPPY Ran: Why bother? It’s not humiliating enough.

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