A loud noise! A big fireball burst out in an instant when riding an electric bicycle! Overnight, love in “Zhejiang” gathered

At more than 11 noon on July 18, an electric bicycle caught fire while driving near Yuhuang villa in Hangzhou.

A father and daughter on the electric car were severely burned and are being treated in the hospital.

In the video, the father and daughter’s electric bicycles suddenly catch fire while driving.

The fire soon surrounded father and daughter.

Subsequently, security guards, passers-by and car owners passing by the nearby sanatorium rushed to help.

Nearby citizens quickly rushed to put out the fire.

“At that time, I heard a loud noise, and then I saw the fire.” Zhuang Yongzhi, the security guard at the scene, was one of the witnesses.

It is understood that when he heard the noise, he hurried to the side of the road.

As a result, he saw a battery car lying on the side of the road, and the fire had jumped high.

Master Zhuang recalled that another battery car was lying next to the battery car on fire, and a woman was shouting “help”.

So Master Zhuang quickly shouted “express 120” to the people around him while putting out the fire with a fire extinguisher at the battery car.

When the people around him heard the call for help, they came to help one after another.

Subsequently, firefighters arrived at the scene and the fire was brought under control.

On the afternoon of the 18th, the fire department issued a briefing on the accident.

At about 11:00 on July 18, 2021, Hangzhou Fire detachment received an alarm: a battery car on No.

74 yuhuangshan Road, Xihu District had spontaneous combustion.

After receiving the alarm, the detachment immediately dispatched 3 fire engines and 15 people to the scene to fight the fire.

At about 11:10, Hubin station arrived at the scene.

When arriving at the scene, the battery car fire had been put out, and the three wounded had been sent to the hospital.

The Hubin fire station immediately cooperated with the evacuation and warning work.

At about 11:30, Hubin station handed over the scene to the public security traffic police department and returned.

At present, the cause of the fire is under further investigation and verification.

It is understood that the three members of the family were riding along Yuhuang mountain road when the fire broke out.

Two battery cars, father and daughter riding in front, mother alone behind, suddenly father and daughter’s battery car made a loud noise, and immediately jumped up a flame.

Afterwards, the girl was sent to the provincial child care; The girl’s father was sent to the resuscitation room of the second hospital of Zhejiang University.

90% of the burned area was preliminarily visually measured and is still under rescue.

After the accident, the father and daughter affected the hearts of many Hangzhou people.

It is understood that their families have applied for online fund-raising.

“Help her and make some modest efforts”…

Netizens have given their love, and Hangzhou citizens launched a love relay! At present, we have raised a lot of money, and we all hope to help the little girl.

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