A handsome doctor who rides in 73 countries and takes his aura to practice medicine!

Steven fabes is a doctor in rotten country.

He has always lived in the big city of London and lived a good life.

But in his heart, he always has an adventurous dream.

He hopes to have new challenges and see something new.

So he spent six years cycling around six continents and 73 countries, including southern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania.

Because Steven has a professional doctor background and participates in local medical institutions, he takes a simple bag and feels the different scenery around the world.

At the same time, he also uses his professional ability to help people in need around the world.

Through his efforts, he also raised 20000 pounds of charitable funds for some non-governmental medical institutions.

In addition, he himself experienced the thrill of being surrounded by wild animals and trapped by poisonous insects in the wilderness.

Suffered knee surgery, severe dengue fever and even terrorist attacks.

But none of this stopped him from moving on.

Of course, Steven said he also wanted to give up.

When he crossed Mongolia, the weather conditions were very bad, which made him close to collapse.

But in the end, he insisted.

Now Steven, who is in Amsterdam, is about to return to Britain.

He plans to write a book about his experiences in recent years.

As for what he wants to do most at present, he is to go back to the UK to eat fish and chips ~ ~ source: Internet (for infringement, please contact wechat: 2478970178) long press the QR code above to get to know more riders ———————– if two QR codes are displayed at the same time, it will be recognized incorrectly..