A few things to do immediately when you accidentally fall down during riding!

Car crashes happen occasionally.

Today, Xiaobian will share with you how to check your body and bike after falling off the car and before going back on the road.

If you ride a bike, I’m sorry, it’s possible to fall.

When it inevitably happens, you should check it immediately before you get up from the ground to make sure you are not seriously injured.

If your limbs don’t hurt your bones, the surrounding environment is safe and there are no other vehicles, move to a safe place and stay away from the road.

[hold on, take your time] Dr.

Michael Ross has seen all kinds of bicycle injuries.

He also often listens to people who fall into cars saying “I’m fine”, but they can’t even stand up.

‘after you crash, you’d better slow down and get up slowly.

It doesn’t matter if you take some time, and then try to see if you can move your body,’ he said.

It’s best not to rush back to your bike right away, but to see if you’re hurt and, of course, your bike before you move on.

“Did you make sure you could walk freely before cycling?” Asked Michael Ross.

“Can your arm move as before? Won’t it hurt when you turn your neck up, down, left and right?” Take some time to check and see if you can ride a bike.

If not, you’d better wait for someone to help you.

2 [basic first aid measures] after falling down, check your body before standing up.

Ask yourself a few questions: do you still feel your limbs? Is the bone dislocated? Is there a large area of bleeding? If you think you’re badly hurt, don’t move your body: instead, ask for help (call or see if anyone is passing by), or see if there are drugstores or medical signs around.


Ross said that if you can help your bike up, there will be no big problem with your upper body.

If you can walk, you can continue to ride.

“All joints should be movable and able to bear the weight of the body,” Michael Ross added.

3 [concussion] the quickest way to see if your helmet is broken or broken and check if you hit your head, Ross said.

“If you still know what I’m talking about, it’s no problem!” He said.

“If you have a mild concussion, you may feel dizzy or confused; if you don’t even know where you are now, Ross said, you’re bad.

“If you ride by yourself, you may feel that it’s nothing and feel good about yourself after falling.

It’s very dangerous.

You’d better take some time to make sure you’re really OK.” 4 [check wheel set] if you are sure that you are healthy, just bruised or scratched, check your bike.

Scott Kelly is the chief technician of the scott-3rox race.

During the race, he will serve the drivers who come to repair the car at the repair point next to the track.

He usually checks several key parts of the car.

Normally Kelly looks at the wheels first.

It’s obvious that the wheels are hit by foreign objects first, so checking the wheels can find the problem first.

No matter how you fall, Kelly suggests checking the tire pressure to see if the tire is intact, not punctured or deflated, the spokes are not broken, and the brakes are not broken.

If all these have been checked and there is no problem, you can check other parts.

5 [check other accessories] Kelly always looks at the brake and transmission when checking the hit bicycle.

He said that these parts usually have displacement after collision, but you certainly don’t want to ride again before you realize that the transmission is crooked and difficult to move.

At the same time, he will check the front and rear dials before adjusting the transmission, because he may break the front and rear dials when adjusting the transmission.

Next, check the chain: see if there is a chain clamp or a fixed link.

Is the chain intact? Finally, quickly check your seat cushion to see if it is firm and closely connected with the seat tube.

6 [check the frame] the last position Kelly checked is the frame.

You need to carefully check whether the frame is broken or seriously cracked.

Especially for the carbon frame, we should check it carefully.

Because of the material, the carbon frame is easy to be broken.

Once it is broken and not checked, it may cause more serious accidents after riding again.

This is slightly better for aluminum frame and steel frame.

7 [get ready] be prepared before riding a bike for a rainy day after falling down – especially when you and your friends plan to take an adventure to a place you’ve never been to and where there are few people.

Bring basic riding related tools – multi-functional toolbox, linker, spare tube and mini pump.

At least some basic first-aid supplies should be provided, such as a bag of Bondi or gauze.

In this way, in case of fracture after falling, you can fix the splint and then bandage the wound.

Of course, if there is a “riding record” social riding software, through the track positioning of the riding team function, when you encounter a car crash, let your teammates quickly find you, so that you won’t be called not every day and the ground doesn’t work.

In case of emergency, don’t be nervous and confused.

You should stabilize your mood.

After all, it’s no use worrying.

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