A breathtaking scene! It’s too dangerous to ride like this!

The opening of the elevated road has provided convenience for people to travel.

However, due to the large traffic volume and fast speed on the elevated road, pedestrians or people riding electric bikes are not allowed to get on the elevated road.

However, some people will be deflected by navigation as they are involved in danger.

They rode on the elevated road on September 12.

The service room of the elevated duty squadron in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province found that an electric bicycle was riding on the elevated road during daily video inspection, There was also a child in the back seat.

After driving to Tongcai Interchange Ramp, he suddenly turned around and drove in the opposite direction, which was very dangerous! The squadron service room immediately ordered the patrol police to deal with this situation.

After the police arrived at the scene, they quickly arranged for the child to ride in the police car and let the woman ride inside the police car.

At the same time, turn on the warning lights and alarms, and escort them all the way to the overhead.

After a brief inquiry, the driver of the electric bicycle originally wanted to take his children to the Xinhua Bookstore to buy books.

Because he was unfamiliar with the road conditions, he turned on the navigation.

Unexpectedly, he mistakenly drove into the car navigation mode and entered the overhead.

Seeing that there were fast moving cars around, he did not know what to do, so he had to brave his way forward.

Coincidentally, due to incorrect navigation operation, the elevated duty squadron of Xiaoshan District was on duty again at the ramp of Caihong Elevated Shixin Road on September 14, when it suddenly found that a man was riding an electric bicycle slowly in the roaring traffic stream, and was always scrambling with normal running vehicles.

When the traffic police on duty saw this, they stopped it and led it to the ground road.

About half an hour later, another motorcycle appeared in the traffic stream ahead, and the traffic police on duty immediately stopped it and informed the two of them to come to the squadron for treatment.

Upon enquiry, it was learned that both of them started the “driving” navigation mode by using mobile phone navigation, and then followed the “accidental rush” to the overhead line.

If the above cases are that the person concerned accidentally “crossed” the viaduct, then the hero of the following cases will “let himself go” a little bit.

On August 21, 2021, a 10-year-old boy rode an electric bike on the viaduct.

On August 21, 2021, the police of the traffic police team of Tangxia Branch of Dongguan Public Security Bureau set up a post to check the car at the Tangxia overpass, and found that a boy driving an electric bike from the Tangxia viaduct rode over from the middle of the road.

The car owners on the road gave way one after another, which was very dangerous…

At this time, the traffic flow of Tangxia overpass was very large.

Tangxia traffic police immediately stopped the boy’s dangerous behavior and took him to the roadside safety area.

Through inquiry, we learned that the little boy was only 10 years old.

He stole an electric bicycle to play while his parents were not paying attention.

On June 27, a man rode a battery car on an elevated road in reverse direction, and was unfortunately hit and killed.

At the G15 Shenyang Haikou Expressway on the south side of Songze Elevated Road in Qingpu District, Shanghai, Yao rode an electric car on the elevated road in reverse direction, passing by high-speed motor vehicles in opposite directions, which was full of dangers.

When some drivers found him, they slowed down to avoid him.

Unfortunately, Yao was injured in a frontal collision with an oncoming white car soon after, and died after hospital rescue.

In order to take a shortcut, a man riding an electric bicycle went up the viaduct in reverse.

On September 19, when Urumqi traffic police of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region were on duty at the entrance of Hubei Road in the southeast from the west of the North Outer Ring Viaduct, they found a man riding an electric bicycle on the viaduct in reverse and was stopped by Urumqi traffic police on the spot.

It was verified that the man entered the viaduct for retrograde in order to take a shortcut.

After the Urumqi traffic police criticized and educated him and punished him according to law, they took him off the viaduct.

In fact, an auxiliary road for non motor vehicles is generally set near the viaduct.

Taking the Pushang Bridge in Fuzhou as an example, non motor vehicles can cross the bridge from the right side of the auxiliary road in the up street direction, and corresponding signs are set up at the upper bridge.

Safety is not a play.

Cherish your life.

Please always abide by the traffic rules.

Here are the safety issues on the elevated road.

Which vehicles are prohibited on the elevated road? Pedestrians and non motor vehicles are prohibited; Trucks, special operation vehicles, motorcycles, trailers, wheeled special machinery vehicles, tractors, and special motor vehicles are prohibited from passing; The passage of motor vehicles carrying explosives, inflammable and explosive chemicals, highly toxic radioactive and other dangerous goods is prohibited.

How to correctly use the navigation mode mobile phone navigation, the default is car mode.

It is not very easy for cars to “go astray” and be misled by navigation.

Especially for electric bicycles and motorcycles, you must choose the right travel mode to avoid going the wrong way.

Step 1: enter the navigation interface, click “Route” and enter the destination location.

Step 2: In combination with the travel mode, slide left and right on the toolbar above the map to select the travel tool.

For example, “driving” mode is selected for driving, “riding” mode is selected for electric bicycle travel, and “motorcycle” mode is selected for motorcycle travel.

Step 3: Select the planned route, click “Start Navigation”, and drive according to the navigation voice prompts.

For the safety of yourself and others, please go your own way and cherish the source: comprehensive Xiaoshan Traffic Police Tangxia Public Security Shangguan News Urumqi Traffic Police Editor in Chief: Huang Huier Reviewed: Fang Cong Gaoqi ■ “head” and other important events, which can not be ignored! ■ Remember these eight words when escaping from a fire! ■ A small sunshade hides a great hidden danger!..