A book for new cyclists — difficulties and hardships in cycling

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You said, “the photos you took are so beautiful.

It’s fun to go to places.” You said, “the air over the mountain is good, and the body of riding is great.” But you haven’t heard that it’s hard to ride, and you haven’t seen that it’s hard to ride.

Every section of the road, every slope and every flight against the wind are the test of sweat and season.

If you choose to put aside timely enjoyment and are ready to embrace life and take control of life, I hope the difficulties encountered in cycling listed below can help you prepare for cycling life from another angle.

1、 Lack of physical strength and lack of physical reserves are caused by the function of the human body, and too much muscle tissue will increase the basic metabolism.

Therefore, unused muscle groups will shrink, and this function can survive the stage of food shortage in ancient times.

Another set of functions corresponding to it is to store fat and reduce activity as much as possible.

Therefore, any physical exercise in the initial stage must be against the human nature of long-term adaptation to the natural environment.

And the increase of muscle and body function is a painful process, because muscle growth is a process of strengthening the repair of tear injury after exercise, and the increase of physical fitness is a process of increasing the reserve after the consumption of liver sugar and muscle sugar reaches a certain threshold.

Humans have the strongest endurance among all animals and are the only animals that can eat and drink water while exercising.

Therefore, after adhering to an exercise for a long time, with the improvement of physical function, they will feel excited and happy during the exercise.

If you don’t exercise at ordinary times and don’t have other sports habits such as running, swimming and playing ball, it’s difficult to ride for a long distance (more than 60 kilometers, the base number of outdoor cycling and the starting price) at the beginning.

Although cycling seems to be sitting on the car, sustainable pedaling has always had a physical output, not to mention climbing, especially long uphill.

If you are going to ride a bike, instead of riding a shared bike on the street for a short period of time, but doing outdoor exercise for a long time, you need to have a physical preparation first, practice first, ride more than 60 kilometers each time, and practice cycling and climbing more.

2、 Ass pain cycling, especially long-time and long-distance cycling, requires a tested and strong hip.

As mentioned above, body function and muscle are a process of strengthening after injury repair, and asshole also applies to this theory.

Only cycling once or several times will definitely hurt your ass.

It hurts as soon as I touch the seat.

I want to ride standing all the time, but my legs are sour when I ride standing.

Shaking the car is a higher level! When a large number of people insist on riding more than ten times, “iron ass skill” will be basically practiced.

At the same time, attention should be paid to the choice of saddle, especially the width of saddle should be suitable for the size of sciatic bone.

Too large saddle will cause too much friction and lead to skin damage.

Too small saddle will cause soft tissue damage instead of bone bearing the weight of the body.

The appropriate saddle width should be that the sciatic bone is just placed at the widest part of the saddle.

The thicker the seat cushion, the softer the better.

If it is too soft, it is easy to release force.

3、 In a hurry and without technical support, cycling is a complex process of hand eye cooperation.

Only after a long time of exercise can a good motor response be formed, and there will be a correct instantaneous response, that is, conditioned reflex.

It is not easy to fall and so on.

Many newcomers can’t even shift gears, or are proud of being fast.

In fact, car control technology is more important.

They should be fast and slow, and can correctly deal with all kinds of road conditions, turning and downhill and other instantaneous situations, so that they can ride safely.

All these need a period of time to accumulate.

4、 Why do many people stop riding after riding a car once or twice? There is no breakthrough in the bottleneck that you will feel painful and boring when cycling at the beginning! Each start is the strengthening of the last ride.

Once it is stopped for a long time, the next start will repeat the pain of the last time, standing still, and each start will only have persistence and pain.

Cycling on the road, of course, there is scenery, but also to withstand the long monotonous pedaling and the suffering of not being able to reach the destination.

Of course, you can stop whenever you want, but the journey of tens of kilometers will always be completed sooner or later.

If you can’t stick to it, it’s difficult to have the next time.

5、 I can’t feel the fun of cycling.

At the beginning of cycling, I just feel sore all over my body.

Because of incorrect cycling posture, stiff movement, improper seat height and other reasons, it leads to shoulder pain, neck pain and knee pain, rather than the thigh muscle pain after general cycling.

Such cycling is painful and difficult to adhere to.

Therefore, it is best to find a car shop or consult an experienced cyclist, adjust the height angle of the seat, and let experienced cyclists see if your posture is correct when riding on the road.

Only when you are not ashamed to ask questions, can you ride comfortably and improve your physical strength and technology.

6、 Have the spirit of hardship.

Cycling is not fun (except for corruption and leisure riding), but exercise in the mountains and rivers.

There are scenery to see.

It is more about the rush and fatigue on the way to scenic spots, the exhaustion and even hunger on the return trip, as well as the embarrassment and helplessness that do not appear in the photos, Is the real situation of cycling.

7、 The route is single, there is no partner, and it is boring.

Taking the same road again and again, no matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is inevitable to have aesthetic fatigue.

Newcomers don’t know more riding routes.

Maybe they ride one road and one slope every day until they don’t want to ride! Be generous and easy-going.

Take the initiative to meet several riders on the road and join a cycling group or team.

You can not only make friends, but also ride more routes, see the style of riding experts, and learn more practical riding knowledge..