917 is about to ride | Together with Rongxin, you can unlock New Lohuo for healthy riding

On September 17, when we are about to ride, do you still remember how you got to know each other? Did you sit in the back seat of your father’s bicycle and look at the world curiously or did you first learn to ride a bike and walk through the streets and alleys excitedly on September 17 (Saturday)? It was World Cycling Day.

Rongxin advocated that everyone take practical actions to reduce congestion and air pollution, so as to feel and love a city and integrate it into the city by riding, New and beautiful This summer, bicycles have become very popular again.

Whether they are skinny, black skinned little brothers or tough old men, they can always attract everyone’s attention when they travel between cities.

Some people and fat people on their bikes say that some people in Byebye have met like-minded friends.

Some people have enjoyed their time alone on the road after working nine to five.

The popularity of bike sharing several years ago has made many people return to cycling as a sport Bicycle is not only a time-saving and labor-saving way of transportation, but also a cost-effective exercise, which combines aerobic and anaerobic exercise The metabolic system is very good, but you need to learn the correct riding posture before you start.

Sports injuries are not worth the loss “Rongxin Tips For ordinary people, the correct posture is: lean forward slightly, straighten your arms, tighten your abdomen, use abdominal breathing method, keep your knees and hips in harmony, and pay attention to the rhythm of riding.

Wrong posture may cause physical damage, such as common knee pain…

Huang Zhengxuan, the private education director of Qinglai Youti and the famous fashion fitness blogger, teaches you how to relieve it The method of knee pain.

Keep it well and practice it! After the beginning of autumn, the sunshine in Beijing has also become gentle.

In some clear days, let’s ride instead of driving to find out the different beauty of the city.

Enjoy the happiness brought by dopamine.

You are still the most handsome young wind chaser..