8 routes suitable for cycling and tourism, get on a bike and enjoy the scenery along the way?

Do you also like to ride and enjoy the scenery along the way? Like to feel every inch of land by riding? Today, I recommend several routes suitable for cycling and tourism.

Step on a bike and say hello to our city with a roaming attitude.

Travel through time | 01 Tianjin | Fifth Avenue Tianjin people used to call “street” as “road”.

Fifth Avenue is the general name of Chongqing Road, Dali Road, Changde Road, mu’nan road and Machang road.

At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, Fifth Avenue was a slum in the south of Tianjin and was designated as a British colony in 1860.

Although the Fifth Avenue was a British concession, there were few foreign residents in those years.

Most of them were compradors of Manchu and Qing Dynasty survivors and politicians.

They had money but didn’t understand architecture, so architects gave free play.

More than 200 small foreign buildings of various styles in Britain, France, Germany and Italy rose in the change of years.

The Fifth Avenue is the only “universal architecture Expo”.

The Fifth Avenue in autumn is very beautiful.

The slightly yellow branches and leaves vines form a scene with the antiquity of the old urban area.

Riding in the middle, the Mottled sunshine falls on the body through the branches and leaves, just like a dialogue with the old time.

Coordinates: near Xiaobailou, Heping District, Tianjin route: enter Machang road from the side of Xiaobailou, and follow the road signs.

Tour mileage: About 7km.

02 Chengdu Luodai Ancient Town.

Luodai, an ancient Hakka town about 30km away from Chengdu, formerly known as Zhen Zichang.

During the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei’s son Liu Chan visited here, Accidentally dropped the jade belt into an octagonal well in the town and got the name “Luodai”, which gradually evolved into today’s “Luodai”.

The old streets and Hakka houses in the town have a history of thousands of years.

It is the largest Hakka inhabited area in China.

Up to now, it has maintained Hakka traditions and living habits.

The whole journey is in good condition.

Along the way, you will also pass by Qinglong Lake Wetland Park, known as Chengdu green lung.

The air is fresh and the natural scenery is picturesque.

Enjoy the fun of riding and swimming slowly.

Coordinates: North Road, Longquan Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu line: Longquanyi District – Shiling – Luodai Ancient Town mileage: about 30km | 03 Suzhou | Pingjiang road.

Pingjiang Road, located in the northeast corner of the ancient city of Suzhou, is an old street.

Suzhou was also called Pingjiang in the song and Yuan Dynasties, so this road was named “Pingjiang”.

Pingjiang road still retains the double chessboard pattern of parallel roads and rivers.

Ancient bridges, wells, trees and archways are scattered.

People living here retain the traditional way of life.

This is the epitome of old Suzhou.

Starting from the ancient street of Pingjiang Road, you will encounter the Humble Administrator’s garden of China’s four famous gardens, walk around the Suzhou Museum designed by the design master Bei liming, turn around the peach blossom dock where scholars gathered in ancient times, then go north to Shantang street, pass through Huqiu Road, and finally reach the Hanshan Temple famous for an ancient poem.

The whole 15 kilometers is not strong, but it is full of the unique gentle temperament of Jiangnan Water Town.

Coordinates: Pingjiang Road, Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province route: Pingjiang ancient street – Humble Administrator’s Garden – Taohuawu – Shantang Street – Huqiu road – Hanshan Temple mileage: About 15km | 04 Hangzhou | Lingyin road.

Lingyin road is probably the most Zen riding route in the whole south of the Yangtze River.

Starting from Lingyin Road on the edge of the West Lake, there are fewer and fewer people going up all the way, and the surroundings are more and more quiet.

Riding on the road, the tall bodhi trees on both sides turn from green to yellow with the deepening of autumn, plus the Cangbai and Cuizhu dotted in them, forming a gorgeous landscape.

Tired of riding, I stopped under the tree to rest and breathe the dry and fresh air.

The ethereal bell and the smell of incense from Lingyin Temple make my spirit happy and relaxed without fatigue.

It turns out that the beauty of Hangzhou is not only in the West Lake, but also hidden in the mountain roads in early autumn.

Coordinates: Lingyin Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province route: Quyuan Fenghe – Lingyin road – shangtianzhu – Longjing road – Botanical Garden mileage: about 10km shuilingling Lakeside Holiday 05 Hangzhou Qiandao Lake in Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province is an artificial lake.

More than 50 years ago, thousands of small islands were built to dam and store water for the construction of Xin’anjiang hydropower station, So there is the beautiful name of Qiandao Lake.

Qiandao Lake is a paradise for cycling.

Almost all riding greenways are built along the lake.

There are not only the Qianfen line, which has been awarded the “most beautiful highway in Zhejiang”, but also the first suspension bridge built for cycling in China.

Riding by the lake, the red bicycle lane crosses the bridge, crosses villages and towns, and drills tunnels.

All the way is the beautiful scenery of egrets flying near the water and mountains.

Coordinates: Qiandaohu Town, Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province line: Qiandaohu passenger terminal – along the landscape belt of the Central Lake area – Qiandaohu bridge mileage: about 10km.

06 Ningbo | Dongqian Lake.

Dongqian Lake in Ningbo is backed by green mountains in the southeast and plain in the northwest.

There is a local proverb that “it is foggy in sunny days and cloudy in rainy days”, so it is a good place for summer vacation.

There are many peninsulas on Dongqian Lake, which go straight into the center of the lake, so the lake shore has different scenery.

There are large tea gardens on the mountain.

Tea trees are planted around the slope, which looks like water waves from a distance.

The special cycling road beside the lake winds in parallel with the sidewalk.

Ride a bike, stop and go, and enjoy the scenery of lakes and mountains slowly.

Coordinates: Dongqianhu Town, Ningbo route: East section around the lake – South Gate of Youngor Zoo – Shili Sixiang mileage: About 6km, Shanye Canyon, Haishan line | 07 Beijing | Baili Gallery | between green mountains and green waters, a little golden yellow has begun to appear.

In early autumn, Beijing’s Baili landscape gallery, located in Yanqing County, has changeable scenery in four seasons within 112 miles of riverside ring line, It is also named “Baili Gallery”.

The road network of Baili gallery is developed.

There are not only slope sections suitable for professional riders, but also smooth and straight ordinary sections perfectly connected with rural roads.

Feel the breath of autumn in Baili Gallery, which is known as the most beautiful riding route in the suburbs of Beijing..