7 ways of cycling in the circle of friends

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Cycling to bask in the circle of friends seems to have become an unwritten rule of the cycling circle and a sense of ceremony.

Do you wake up early in the morning every day, open wechat, see that the riding partners in the riding group have finished their morning riding, and take a screenshot of the riding mileage and the beauty of the morning.

Do you brush wechat again before going to bed every day, and you can’t help praising them when you see the end of night riding and drying the night riding mileage of the little friends in the riding group.

Which of the seven states of cycling and basking in the circle of friends are you in? Welcome to your seat.


Xiaobai, who rode several times and couldn’t help but be happy, of course, is Xiaobai who has just come into contact with riding or riding early adopters.

After seeing other people’s enthusiasm for riding, he triggered his curiosity: is riding really so fun and magical? Addicting so many people? Heart is better than action.

Go out and try it yourself.

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