[7.23-27] cycling around Qinghai Lake – the only way for every driver to grow up -360km in 5 days – enjoy the slow time of cycling!

The activity introduces Qinghai Lake, a once remote and dreamy place.

Now, her mysterious veil is slowly lifted.

In the off-season, riders, backed by cold mountains and accompanied by wind and snow, will feel blessed and sheltered when the bright sunlight shines on them through the clouds.

On the road around the lake in the peak season, riders will never be alone.

Riding friends along the way will give you great peace of mind.

You will see the classic scenery: the blue lake water sets off the yellow rape flowers, and countless tourists pose among the half human rape flowers.

The clear Chaka Salt Lake is indistinguishable from the sky and the human shadow.

It is easy to take photos of large areas.

A sunny summer night is not only suitable for sleeping.

Walk into the hospital at midnight and look up.

Maybe the Milky way is flowing over your head.

Qinghai Lake does not have the softness and delicacy of the south, only the fierce and changeable of the northwest, and the bright colors on sunny days collide and fuse, which is dizzying; It’s cloudy and stormy.

You can’t dodge.

We are waiting for you in this Qinghai Lake.

This is a holy land for cycling.

Every summer, the figure of cyclists will become another unique scenic spot along the lake, and the annual international road cycling race around Qinghai Lake will be held here.

Lake race is the top road cycling race in Asia and the highest national road cycling race in the world.

Why do we go to Qinghai Lake? Line advantage 1 Professional mountain biking 2 Logistics support vehicle with perfect system 3 Professional cycling leader of 10+ circles around the lake 4 Equipped with aerial photography, we will give you a shocking itinerary introduction D1 all over the country – Xining – Xihai town Catering: self accommodation: Xining, a plateau city with a long history in Xihai Town, can visit the Buddhist Holy Land – Ta’er Temple (ticket: 80 yuan) and the ancient Islamic temple – Dongguan Mosque (free of charge) in the early day.

In the afternoon, we will gather and arrange vehicles to get to Xihai Town, and the team leader will arrange accommodation.

In the evening, we will arrange the team leader to explain the pre trip riding skills, Riding discipline and precautions.

D2 Xihai town – Huanhu East Road – Qinghai Tibet highway – erlangjian – Jiangxi ditch Catering: self accommodation: Jiangxi ditch cycling: 5-6 hours, 102 kilometers.

In the morning, we picked up our bicycles in Xihai town and started our cycling around the lake from Xihai town.

Step onto the bike and ride clockwise along Huanhu East Road to meet one challenge after another.

Pass erlangjian scenic area and stay in Jiangxi ditch that night.

The whole journey is 102 kilometers.

On the East Road around the lake, we have a road ride from the desert.

On the left is the desert and snow mountains, and on the right is the beautiful Qinghai Lake.

Even if we are a little tired, it will be worth it.

D3 Jiangxi Valley – Heima River – Chaka Salt Lake Catering: self accommodation: riding in Heima River: 3-4 hours, 57 kilometers today, it is very easy to ride around the lake.

Most of them are level roads, riding while playing, and enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way.

When you really meet Qinghai Lake, you will be shocked by the beauty of Qinghai Lake.

We can ride to the lake, feel the Qinghai Lake, walk and stop all the way, and enjoy a happy time.

At 12:00 p.m., we arrive at the HEMA river.

After lunch, you can choose to carpool to Chaka Salt Lake for a round trip of 160 kilometers.

The cost is aad4.

HEMA River – Bird Island – Quanji Township – Gangca Catering: self accommodation: Gangca cycling: 5-6 hours.

Those who live in the HEMA River for 113 kilometers must get up early to watch the sunrise of the HEMA river.

This is the best place to watch the sunrise in the whole Qinghai Lake.

You must not miss it.

Today’s journey is also easy to ride.

On the way down the slope, the grassland with flocks of cattle and sheep is on the left, and the vast Qinghai Lake is on the right.

We passed shinailong, Buha River and Quanji River to see the ecological wonders: the migration of Huangyu, and stayed in Gangcha County at night.

D5 Gangca – hargay – desperation slope – Xihai town Catering: self accommodation: self riding: 5-6 hours, 98 kilometers today is the last day of riding.

We will pass through the desperation slope of 5 kilometers (how desperate we are), pass through the Atomic City base, witness the great history, and reach Xihai town.

The journey is completed perfectly, the challenge around the lake is successful, and the medal of the challenge around the lake is awarded.

Everyone returned to Xining by car and hugged and said goodbye.

Number of activity periods length of trip: five days and four nights collection and distribution place: Xining activity type: riding difficulty level: ★★★★★★ landscape index: ★★★★ time: July 23, 2021 to July 27, 2021 note: 6 people will be formed, and more than 10 people will be sent to a Sanfeng team leader to lead the ride.

Individuals or groups can also customize the route and tour period separately.

Fee details [activity fee] member price: 2480 yuan (deposit: 500 yuan), non member price: 2980 yuan (standard room price in peak season from July to August); Preferential policy for multiple applicants: two applicants at the same time, 30 yuan per person; For 3 applicants at the same time, 50 yuan per person will be discounted; If 4-5 people sign up at the same time, each person will enjoy a discount of 100 yuan; If 6 or more people sign up at the same time, each person will enjoy a discount of 150 yuan; The top price is 150 yuan / person..