618 road cycling activities on Pudong riverside cycling road and Xinchang ancient town on Saturday

🇨🇳 Activity announcement of Shanghai highway riders Union 🚲🌹 Xiaohongshu app Knight Alliance (group chat on the home page can be entered into the activity group) ★ Saturday, June 18, 2022, douhuaqi in Xinchang ancient town ★ route: North wall to south wall of Pudong riverside cycling road, Xinchang ancient town ★ gathering point: see wechat activity group announcement ★ destination: Pudong Xinchang ancient town ★ gathering point departure time: 8:30 ★ departure on time (please try to arrive at the gathering point in advance) ★ activity distance: about 50 km ★ guidebook: see ❤️ Group announcement ★ average riding speed: 25 km / h ★ riders without helmets are not allowed to join! ★ it is strictly forbidden to ride a shared bike.

Riders are not allowed to join! ★ minors are not allowed to participate in riding activities! ★ it is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages during riding activities! ★ specific activities are arranged to ❤️ The activity group announcement shall prevail# Cycling activities \shanghai highway riders’ Union \little Red Book riders’ Union..