57318 strategy for riding the southern Sichuan Tibet line D8: xiangkezong to Honglong Township

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As of March 31, 2022, 57 Sichuan Tibet service station team, equipment, car purchase, car rental and accommodation team scanning plus wechat tips: did you find it, After long-distance cycling, we often don’t go uphill for tens of kilometers, but continuous ups and downs.

The first fluctuation: 3593m in xiangkezong Village ↗ 12km scissors Bay mountain tunnel 4210m ↗ 20km xiongzongka tourism service station 4306m ↘ 30.1km002 Township Road intersection 4141m) the second fluctuation: 30.1km002 Township Road intersection 4141m ↗ 35km nimagon viewing platform 4390m ↘ 48.1km canteen 4117m third volt: 48.1km canteen 4117m ↗ 58.6km Jiala mountain 4440m ↘ 64.3km radar station 4388m ↘ 69.6km Donglai village 4121m fourth fluctuation: 69.6km Donglai village 4121m ↗ 74.1km sky city 4323m ↘ 80km Honglong Township 4153m1, xiangkezong climbs 12.7km, 3597m-4210m 2, Jiala mountain 4440m, 10.6km, 4096m-4440m, xiangkezong climbs 80km to Honglong Township, xiangkezong starts 12.7km, climbs 4210m to scissors Bay Tunnel, and the back 68 kilometers basically fluctuate from 4100m to 4400m, three ups and three downs, The itinerary of the day was four ups and downs.

Walker’s Guidebook No.: 2497120 highlights: high reflection, headwind, hail, Suggested departure time in rainy and snowy weather: 7:00 bicycle repair: no lunch: dry food + snack shop instant noodles [57 alliance inn] Honglong Township Mujia Qiyou post station navigation search: Yajiang Honglong Township Mujia Qiyou post station Tel: 15984740794 Jiala mountain asphalt road is newly paved in late October 2020.

Honglong township is a township without tap water.

In summer, water is from their own wells, The water is frozen in winter.

We drive to the mountains to draw water.

The overall conditions here are not very good.

We just pass by, but they want to live here for generations with more understanding and tolerance.

The intensity of xiangkezong to Honglong township is a little high.

The whole journey fluctuates around 4300 meters above sea level, rising and falling everywhere, which is very physical.

Of course, they with strong physical strength can go to xiangkezong and Litang in one day.

The most important thing is to see what kind of weather is arranged for you along the way: sunny? Heavy fog? sleet? have a heavy snow? Hail, rain and snow? Strong headwind? Who knows? Everything is God’s arrangement! Time: at the end of May 2020, the main color of the grassland over 4000 meters is clumsy.

I think there are only three kinds: Green: white in June and August: dry yellow when the cold current strikes and snows: not when there is no snow in June and August.

From the elevation map of xiangkezong to Honglong Township, I can see that going out is a slope.

I began to turn 18 turns of 12km Tianlu to the entrance of scissors Bay Tunnel, Then there are three ups and downs, which are always with you.

When xiangkezong arrives at Honglong Township, we must start early.

If you can pass at an average speed of 6 kilometers at 7 o’clock, plus the rest time, you can get to the tunnel mouth after 9 o’clock.

If it’s a cart, it will take 3 hours to drive 12 kilometers at an average speed of 4 kilometers.

Plus the rest time, you will arrive at the tunnel entrance at 10:30.

Leaving the tunnel does not have the downhill benefits you think, but continues to climb to an altitude of 4289 meters.

Then go to xiongzongka canteen to have a bowl of instant noodles.

Only then can you have physical strength, and then continue to work on the next three big ups and downs.

The third climb to the highest Jiala mountain pass is 4447 meters above sea level.

In fact, there is only 4440 meters at the mouth of Liya pass.

Then climb down and climb to the radar station of 4388 meters.

Don’t be too happy.

There is the last 4.5 kilometers of uphill slope ahead.

It is the stone monument of the city of the sky.

OK, then go down for 6 kilometers to Honglong township, When xiangkezong went to Honglong township for lunch, he ate instant noodles in the canteen on the road.

Today’s key point you should remember: the bridge in Donglai village is not the end of the radar station slope.

Then climb the 4.5km slope to see the stone tablet of the city of the sky, and then finish today’s task, and then slope 6km to Honglong township.

Reference data of cycling data: starting at 7:00, the average speed is 8.2km, and reaching Honglong township at 7:30 p.m.

Starting at 7 o’clock, the average speed is 11.4 kilometers, and the time to reach Honglong township is 6 o’clock in the afternoon.

In other words, if the slope from xiangkezong to Honglong Township basically depends on pushing, it will arrive almost two hours later than riding a little faster.

There can’t be too much delay on the road.

It is suggested to start early.

The following figure shows the cycling data of Benben on October 29, 2018.

Xiang kezong rode to Honglong township.

Benben rode once on October 29, 2018.

The time to take photos at Jiala mountain is 15:58, and the time to take photos at Jiala mountain on October 22, 2020 is 15:20.

Start at 7 a.m., 8:33 Tianlu shibawan viewing platform, 9:20 to scissors Bay Tunnel, 10:00 to xiongzongka canteen for instant noodles, 15:20 to Jiala mountain, 16:04 to Donglai village, 17:00 to sky city and 17:17 to Honglong township.

Finally, let’s watch the different experiences of different people in the same area at different times…