5 training skills to improve the riding speed of road vehicles!

Because of the high speed of road vehicles, the requirements for stepping frequency are strict, which is greater than the requirements for strength.

Then, how to improve the stepping frequency and rhythm.

That is to sweat more and practice more during normal training.

The so-called one minute on the field and ten years off the field.

Any movement needs to be done step by step.

The great God is not practiced in one day.

How to improve the stepping frequency and speed? 1.

Keep 80 to 90 turns per minute on the flat road.

If the flat road goes down slowly, it can be improved to a higher level and stabilized slowly.

2 Keep 65 to 75 revolutions per minute uphill.

If the slope is too large, you can go to the next level and slowly stabilize it for 3 Intermittent cycling and static cycling are carried out alternately to improve the adaptability during competition.

4 Practice more straight-line riding skills.

S-type riding will consume too much physical strength and reduce the stepping frequency.


When shaking the car, the car does not shake the person.

When shaking the car, the body will shake, which will consume too much physical strength and disturb the rhythm.

These five training skills are of great benefit to the improvement of road vehicle riding skills if they can persist for a long time and form habits.

After all, fast rhythm and high stepping frequency are the guarantee of road vehicle speed…