4 periods that must be passed by when riding

Every cyclist has his own style, just like people from childhood to old age, with the growth of riding age, everyone will step into a new stage from the tender “vegetable leg”.

Come and see what level you are now? Level 1: The most favorite thing for new riders in the running in period is to see what the “gods” are riding and using.

After buying it, I found that many things are not suitable for me.

Of course, this is the only way to grow.

People at this stage are not active in the circle.

After all, I just started riding without much experience.

I don’t have the endurance of an old driver for a long distance.

I don’t have the leg strength of animals to pull.

Most people will join the club in less brutal riding activities, but they rarely show up in competitions.

Cycling is new and fun for them, but most people leave after they are tired of it.

Level 2: People who can enter the active period usually have hormone eruptions.

At this time, riders are the craziest.

They have found a car that is relatively suitable for them after running in.

All they have in mind is riding! They can be seen in the competitions around them when they pull on the flat road and pull up the slope.

Their life is either on the bike or on the way to the bike.

The content of friends’ circle is all about cycling, and they all think he is crazy.

Level 3: After several years of cycling in the peace period, cyclists have no impulse to ride in the past.

Cyclists have entered the “old husband and wife” mode for bicycles, even some Buddhism.

They will not ride in a mess among their friends, but have their own fixed circle.

Cycling has become a way of life for them.

One or two times a year, they plan to ride around the island or abroad.

Cycling starts to become more quality.

As for ordinary events, I will attend them if I am free, and I will not be upset if I cannot.

Level 4: The cyclists at this stage of the Immortal Cultivation Period have been completely disillusioned with everything.

After riding all the bikes they like, they finally find that there is only one most suitable for them.

Speed is no longer so important.

What is important is to get away from work and family and feel relaxed on the road.

They will continue to ride and are full of love for riding, but they are more willing to share their riding experience and experience summarized over the years…