4 + 2 ride | cross Duku highway and ride north and south of Tianshan Mountain

The Duku highway, which has been closed for more than half a year, will be officially opened on June 16, 2021, which is undoubtedly a great good news for self driving enthusiasts and cycling enthusiasts.

There is a highway that runs across mountains and mountains only 4-5 months a year Through the deep mountains and valleys, there is a road to enjoy the beautiful scenery changing in the four seasons.

There is a road that allows you to see snow mountains, grasslands, valleys, forests, lakes, glaciers, deserts There is a highway with infinite scenery such as Huahai, which can even capture people’s hearts more than G318…

Tuyuan / intoxicated moment tuyuan / Sun Guihua was selected as “landscape Avenue running through the backbone of Tianshan Mountain” by China National Geographic, which makes you truly feel the magic of “four seasons in a day, different days in ten miles” and the shocking “snow in July of Tianshan Mountain” It is like a giant dragon lying on the Tianshan Mountain, which connects five prefectures (cities) in Xinjiang.

It is one of the ten most beautiful highways in China.

It explains what is called “the most beautiful scenery is on the road”.

This is the tuyuan of Duku highway / yellowsky tuyuan / wendaoang Duku.

Why is it shocking? The 561 kilometer long highway starts from Dushanzi in the north and ends in Kuqa in the south.

More than 200 kilometers pass through the mountains above 2000 meters above sea level.

It successively passes through three grasslands, crosses four icebergs with annual snow cover of more than 3000 meters, reaches Daban, crosses five major rivers of Tianshan Mountain, and there are many cliffs along the road Feel the majestic scenery of the Jade Valley of Mount tu’nei in the deep valley of Mount tu’nei and the deep snow of Mount tu’nei in the deep valley of Mount tu’nei, All we have left is mystery, shock, magic, precipitous, magnificent, vast, wild and tender.

What this road can bring you will only make you more unexpected.

Tuyuan / Fang Yukun tuyuan / cabbage CCAI pursues the magical road of Duku highway.

In what way should we start it? Driving too fast, traveling too fast, stepping on the accelerator, thousands of scenery have passed.

Walking too slowly, physical and mental fatigue, rugged mountain roads, food and accommodation supply these vital problems make you not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and you can’t escape the sudden bad weather.

Therefore, “riding” should be the best way to meet Duku.

However, during the short opening hours of Duku, cars come and go, These are the biggest potential safety hazards after all.

So how can we safely and comprehensively experience the elegance and heroism of Duku highway? “4 + 2” came into being “4 + 2” Riding alone library Road, a perfect combination of cars and bicycles, a new way of travel, that is, 4 wheels, +2 wheels, perfect combination of cars and bicycles, using cars to avoid potential hazards caused by heavy traffic and bad weather, and slowly enjoy the most excellent essence of “independent library highway” 4 +2.

Riding benefits from the supply and guarantee of cars, which makes riding safer and easier.

We don’t have to worry about the boredom of sitting in the car and watching the scenery through the window, or the embarrassment of riding all the way, resulting in no energy to take into account the beautiful scenery and shoot the “4 + 2” with both fish and bear’s paws.

Our best choice is Duku Highway 4 + 2.

There are few vehicles for riding The mountain road is exquisite beyond compare.

It can avoid the traffic flow along the road and spend more time to appreciate the deep canyon.

The vast grassland looks out on the snow mountain in the distance.

The cattle and sheep nearby enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Savor the authentic people who are suitable for “4+2” riding.

8~70 years old can ride a bike, and enjoy life and health.

If you love traveling and want to deeply perceive the non riding God of Duku highway, you’d better ride “4 + 2” on Duku highway for 30 ~ 50 kilometers every day.

You can also take all the pressure free beauty of riding, A quick view of the itinerary: Day1: assembly day – Kuitun gathering Day2: Dushanzi – Baili Gallery (4 + 2 ride for 50km, the whole journey is 155km) day3: Baili Gallery – Nalati (4 + 2 ride for 40km, the whole journey is 108km) day4: Nalati – Bayinbuluk (4 + 2 ride for 50km, the whole journey is 67km) Day5: Bayinbuluk – Tianshan Grand Canyon (4 + 2 ride for 50km, the whole journey is 190km) Day6: Tianshan Grand Canyon – Kuqa (4 + 2 cycling for 30km, 70km) daily itinerary: Day1: assembly day – Kuitun assembly Catering: accommodation with meals: boutique Comfort Hotel today is the assembly day, and the partners arrive at Kuitun (the city adjacent to Dushanzi, with convenient transportation, better accommodation and richer food).

Stay in the designated hotel, The opening ceremony will be held at 18 PM.

The team members will report, select / test ride vehicles, receive event materials, and participate in the event welcome dinner (the event schedule and safety precautions will be introduced in detail at the dinner).

After staying in the hotel, partners who arrive in advance can travel around the gathering place by themselves or in teams, or explore local specialties in advance.

Beautiful scenery around Dushanzi / food recommendation: beautiful scenery: the shooting place of “flying life”: AnJiHai Grand Canyon, Dushanzi Grand Canyon, Dushanzi mud volcano food: Xinjiang Dapan chicken, pepper chicken, barbecue kebab, Nang Keng meat, big Wusu, grapes, flat peaches Hami melon and other fruits Day2: Dushanzi Baili Gallery (4 + 2 ride 50km, 155km) catering: accommodation with meals: boutique comfortable hotel crosses the gate of Tianshan Mountain, and we will officially embark on the most beautiful ride of Dushanzi gallery..