318 the eleventh day of riding – cold wind and cold rain

Sichuan Tibet cycling team (free riding, security car) car rental, car purchase, equipment and accommodation 57 service station added wechat telephone: 13320372220 cycling 318 Sichuan Tibet line strategy voice version 2021-07-26 tick, tick, the rain has been falling, the expected sunny day has not arrived, and my heart is also wet.

This means that we have to climb a 24 kilometer uphill in the rain.

The key is that there are 36 kilometers of downhill after climbing the uphill.

It’s more cold because of both wind and rain.

But it’s no use worrying.

We decided to start after breakfast! We should carry forward the spirit of fearing difficulties! It also shows the purpose of strengthening their physique.

Because I rode 14 kilometers uphill the day before.

Today, I only need to complete the task of 24 kilometers uphill.

That’s much better! Goodbye rongxubing station! Let’s go! Rain, ticking on our clothes, hats and trousers, can be said to be everywhere.

Fortunately, we are still full of energy in the morning.

After riding for about 5 kilometers, I suddenly saw jiangchu (monk’s name) cooking butter tea on the roadside.

My husband said zasidler, and jiangchu also responded to zasidler and asked us whether we should drink butter tea together? My husband and I immediately stopped to chat with him and prepared to drink butter tea together.

At first sight, we wanted to drink butter tea together.

We also specially took a new bottle of Jindian milk and added it to the boiling teapot.

The small details were full of emotion in our eyes.

I also secretly photographed this scene.

I don’t know at the beginning of the year.

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, we specially brought us peanuts to eat.

We talked while eating.

It turned out that he had to go to Lhasa on foot and worship in three steps.

At the beginning of the Spring Festival, drive the car to a destination first, and then walk back to the driving place to salute.

In this way, it takes at least 30 minutes to go back and forth.

It takes a year to go to Lhasa.

He has been walking for four months, and it is estimated that he will walk for more than seven months.

I can’t help but secretly admire his perseverance.

I can’t help thinking that if we do anything with this perseverance, we will succeed! Butter tea was very warm.

At the beginning of the fall, looking at the rain in the sky and our gloves, he asked us: do they keep warm? Does he need gloves there? We confidently said that the gloves were warm and worried.

Because this is the waterproof, windproof and warm gloves specially purchased by my husband online! We are about to leave, and the junior high school also gave us two buns.

My husband put the buns in his backpack.

The junior high school is very considerate and careful to help my husband zip up.

I can’t help but sigh that the junior high school is very careful! Put it in our daily life.

It’s called warm man.

What a warm meeting! There will always be parting when we meet.

We have to go on our way and take a group photo with jiangchu as a souvenir.

There is such a meeting on the Sichuan Tibet road.

It will be warm in an instant even on a cold rainy day.

The rain is still ticking.

My husband and I took me 2km, and I gave you 2km to break the wind.

Fortunately, the slope is not too steep, but it is difficult to start against the wind.

However, the beautiful scenery can not be let go after all.

The stream is like a ribbon, winding, and the water is in pieces, jumping with silver light, which seems to shine its own light among the green mountains.

The road was long, and the vegetation in the green mountains seemed to be dark green.

Because rainy days are getting colder and colder, and the energy consumption is also very fast.

I feel very hungry because I want to keep warm.

There is no supply along the way.

You can only bring your own dry food and water.

You have to support yourself to the pass when shopping.

But we have dry food! My husband asked me to eat chocolate.

I ate hazelnut Batam raisin chocolate with my frozen purple mouth.

This is my favorite chocolate.

But it’s too cold.

I’m going to be purple.

Look at the code meter, it’s only 3 degrees! Is it summer? How can I feel alive in winter when I enter Tibet! 😂 After eating chocolate, we went on our way.

We were almost against the wind.

You broke the wind and I broke the wind.

Seeing that the weather cleared up, we had ridden for 21 kilometers and only 3 kilometers left to reach our destination.

My husband’s front tire suddenly burst.

There’s really no way! Remove the wheel and have a look! Once checked, it turned out that it was this small iron wire.

Take it out.

Change the inner tube! Done! While my husband changed the tire, I enjoyed the surrounding scenery and felt that the distant mountains were like a desert.

That is, when changing the inner tube, we met Xiao zhaobing, a freshman who rode very fast, with two lovely dimples on his smiling face.

I felt like meeting again.

My brother stopped to chat with us and gave us coconut candy.

After mending the tire, we set out to Dongdashan pass.

Half way episode, my brother helped solve it together.

Finally arrived at the pass and took photos together.

Many tourists also take a souvenir with us.

Let them take photos generously! My brother is still shouting a kiss below.

So many people are sorry.

I’d better do a loving action.

It’s going down the mountain.

Suddenly it rains again.

It’s very cold.

Immediately put on your thin down jacket and gloves and go down the mountain! The wind is very cold and the rain is crackling.

Anyway, the road is still a patch in the East and a patch in the West.

There is a bulge on the left and a depression on the right, or there is a small gap, which makes you suddenly jump up from your seat when you go downhill.

You think you are going to tremble out.

I don’t know what’s going on today.

Maybe the new gloves are too big.

It’s hard to grasp the brake.

Several times of braking are not successful, and two times of turning are not successful.

I almost rushed out of the guardrail and stopped in front of the guardrail.

I think my skills are really bad.

There is no great god religion! Psychological difficulties can not be overcome, how to solve? Once on a steep slope, I dare not move.

My husband said that where I bend, my feet will go to which side, and even my body can consciously tilt to that side.

However, as soon as I go down the slope, I become a wooden stake without a soul.

Another time, when a large truck turned opposite, I also turned and controlled it in the yellow line of my own road.

The truck brushed my face with me.

I didn’t know how to play the loach spirit.

I dodged at the corner and avoided the truck..