317 riding strategy of Sichuan Tibet North line D10: manigange to dege

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Riding 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy D10: from manigange to degmanigange 3879m ↗ 13km new Luhai 4014m ↗ 31.4km queershan tunnel 4382m ↘ Dege 3281m92 km Walker’s Guidebook No.: 2763407 lunch: dry food xinluhai scenic spot Tibetan Inn: 19196567257 dege Suixi folk house (Yang Min): 13698147698 Suixi Folk House Inn can supply 26 and 27.5 inner tubes to make the film special reminder: when Chuer mountain starts to go down the steep slope, there may be a tuyere at several turning corners.

If you speed up, you feel like it will be blown over, so you must control the speed, Especially when a large truck passes by, you must slow down!! Riding data: 7:30 departure, 12:30 queer mountain tunnel entrance, 15:30 dege road condition: turn over the asphalt road of queer mountain tunnel from manigange to dege, and take the old road from the tunnel entrance up to down the mountain to the tunnel entrance.

It’s not a strong man who doesn’t recommend you to take risks.

On April 14, 2021, two riders failed to cross the old road pass.

Teammates could not contact the police.

At 1:00 a.m.

– 15 a.m., the police sent out rescue to find them from the mountain and save them down the mountain.

At first, the painting style was like this: later, the painting style was like this manigango Town, which was prosperous with many inns and shops, because it was the intersection of provincial highway 217 and national highway 317.

Since ancient times, humans have generally lived at intersections, rivers converge at estuaries and mountains gather at the foot of mountains.

For breakfast in the town, you can fill butter tea with an insulated kettle.

This thing has high energy and has a certain effect on alleviating high reaction.

Starting from manigango, it starts to go uphill until the tunnel entrance.

The slope is not steep, and occasionally there is a downhill.

13 km to xinluhai, 31.4 km to the tunnel entrance, and then 7.09 km.

The tunnel is basically slow down, slightly steeper than balang mountain tunnel.

When you get out of the tunnel, you start to steep the slope to mencha temple, and then go to keluodong township.

When you enter the canyon, you go down slowly to dege.

The warning signs of falling rocks and landslides in the canyon are very common! If you are unlucky, you also need pedal assistance when you go downhill and encounter headwind.

It is only more than 20 kilometers.

There is a viewing platform here.

Don’t go in and take pictures.

There is a Tibetan beside.

The male owner comes out when he sees that it is profitable.

When he runs in front of you, zasidler will be followed by an ambiguous word: money, stretch out two fingers and cross, which means 10 yuan! In fact, if the viewing platform is repaired by your family, it’s understandable, but it’s repaired by the government.

Like the pimple Liangzi toilet, it should also be repaired by the checkpoint.

It’s a measure of the national government for the convenience of the people, and it’s also used by private people as a prop to collect money.

It’s shameless! Today’s snow mountain is called queer mountain Baidu Encyclopedia: the main peak of queer mountain (called zhuola mountain in Tibetan) is 6168 meters above sea level, located at 99.1 ° east longitude and 31.8 ° north latitude, in the south section of queer mountain and in dege county.

At the northwest foot of the main peak of queer mountain is the glacier lake xinluhai (Yulong lacuo in Tibetan), with an altitude of 4100 meters.

It has unique animal and plant resources.

At its front end lie two side embankments up to 200 meters high and 3 kilometers long, and the final City, 10-15 meters higher than the lake.

It is the relic of the ancient glaciation of the hard groove on the north slope.

On the hilly plateau are massive spruce and cypress.

There are more than 20 kinds of animals in the forest and grassland, such as black bear, forest cave, white lipped deer, snow leopard, rock sheep and so on.

In 1951, the people’s Liberation Army built the queer mountain highway with simple tools and flesh and blood for half a year.

From then on, the high and dangerous queer mountain, the ice capped queer mountain and the highest queer mountain with Sichuan Tibet highway are famous all over the world.

Starting from 13 kilometers, there is a Haizi called xinluhai Baidu Encyclopedia: xinluhai is located at the foot of queer mountain in dege County, on the side of Sichuan Tibet highway, 98 kilometers away from Ganzi County, 100 kilometers away from dege County, with an altitude of 4040 meters, an average depth of 10 meters and a maximum depth of 15 meters.

It is a famous ice erosion Lake in Ganzi Prefecture.

The water source is supplied by queer mountain glacier and snow melting, and the stream at the end of the lake is one of the sources of cuoqu river.

There is a Tibetan inn where you can stay.

Today’s journey will be accompanied by countless sounds of zasidler.

For children and adults, we should also respond politely.

30km, get to the tunnel entrance.

Turn right here.

It’s the old road to the queershan pass.

It’s a rotten earth rock road.

As long as the tunnel is under construction, the road above the tunnel will not be maintained.

Therefore, when the tunnel is opened to traffic, the old road should not be maintained for several years.

Let’s see what the pass is like in early November in winter.

The elevation of queer mountain tunnel is 4382 meters and the total length is 7079 meters.

The tunnel is basically downhill.

There is a sense of fear when entering balang mountain tunnel.

Although it is also slow down, it always needs to speed up to run out.

After entering the queer mountain tunnel, it is warmer than the outside, so enjoy the sliding process inside.

If the slope of queer mountain encounters adverse wind, you have to pedal for help! 53.6km can be accommodated.

If shangyakou is too late, you can consider here.

There are two Tibetan Inns next to it.

There is also one 56.8 km away.

Accommodation here is particularly useful for anti riding 317.

We can eat here when we go to keluodong Township 67 km away.

Leave keluodong Township and enter the canyon.

Pay attention to falling rocks! There is a Zun station 81 kilometers away.

Fudge county is the last County of the North Sichuan Tibet line in Sichuan, equivalent to Batang County on the 318 south line.

Tomorrow, it will cross the Jinsha River Bridge and enter the Tibetan border.

Dege county has beautiful mountains and rivers and rich cultural tourism resources.

Dege Scripture Printing Institute, a well-known “treasure house of Tibetan culture” at home and abroad..