317 riding strategy for North Sichuan Tibet line D11: dege fanaila mountain to Jiangda

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Ride 317 Sichuan Tibet North line.

When we get to dege, we can say that the first stage of riding in Sichuan is over.

If queer mountain is not a rotten earth rock road of the old road, it can be said that the whole process from Chengdu to dege is mainly asphalt road, only about 6km (slow down) of earth rock road under construction from Xiaojin to Banmen Town, Danba.

Dege 3281m ↘ 14km GONGYA town 3120m ↘ 27.5km Jinsha River Bridge 3044m ↗ 36.5km Gangtuo town 3331m ↗ 49.5km ailashan tunnel mouth 3940m ↘ 65km Walla temple 3366m ↘ 73km Tongpu Township 3251m ~ ↗ Jiangda 3545m94 km traveler’s Guidebook No.: 2763408 lunch: Lijiang hotel in Gangtuo Town, Jinsha River sister hotel (accommodation): 13955626879 Liying hotel in Gangtuo Town, 15889081258 happiness teahouse and hotel in Tongpu Township, 1840899966 recommended Friendship Inn in Jiangda County: 15281183285 punch in point: 1.

Don’t go through gangla tunnel.

There is an observation platform along the River Road on the right, which can take pictures of Tibet.


There is a memorial hall for the 18th Army crossing the Jinsha River before crossing the Jinsha River Bridge (it is uncertain that it will be open).


Slope to 65km.

Special reminder of Wada Buddha college on the right: pay attention to dog prevention when turning over the Aila mountain road and passing through the village! If you want to transfer from 317 to 318, the following itinerary is for your reference: Walker’s itinerary No.: 3063953d1: 97 km from dege to Baiyu County D2: 73 km from Baiyu county to Gaiyu Township D3: 115 km from Gaiyu township to Batang.

After the Aila mountain tunnel is opened to traffic, it is not a problem for dege to reach Jiangda County in one day.

It was dege who nearly collapsed when he rode 317 alone in the 17th year of Benben.

The temperature was minus 6 degrees Celsius from the old road of Aila mountain to the pass at 6:00 p.m.

and the road down the mountain was very bad.

He was still running on the road until 9:30 p.m.

fortunately, he passed the vara temple and was taken in by a kind canteen owner.

When you are still on the road in the middle of the night, is the commercialization you hate most? Starting from dege, go down the sequ river for 14 kilometers to GONGYA Town, where there are also inns.

27km to Jinsha River Bridge, there is a small slope during the period, and others are slow down.

Starting from dege, you will often meet pilgrims who go to Tibet on foot.

They don’t have mountaineering bags, only simple bags, they don’t have mountaineering sticks, only a wooden stick, they don’t have text strategies, only a persistent heart.

They are pilgrims, they are hikers, they are true believers.

There are no lights in the Gangtuo tunnel 26 kilometers away.

Don’t enter the tunnel here.

Let’s take the road along the river on the right, In the past, there was an observation platform, which had the best position to shoot the word Tibet engraved after the 18th army crossed the river.

The Sichuan checkpoint on the Jinsha River Bridge brushes its ID card.

After crossing the bridge, it is the boundary of Tibet and opposite the river is Gangtuo village.

In those years, the 18th Army wanted to enter Tibet from the Jinsha River.

The Jinsha River Ferry is the only way to connect inland and Tibet by the ancient tea horse road, and its geographical location is extremely dangerous.

In order to prevent the people’s Liberation Army from entering Tibet, the old Tibetan gaxia government resisted tenaciously and built three military blockhouses beside the ferry.

The victory of the division of justice is inevitable, and these three blockhouses still stand by the Jinsha River in the past 60 years.

With the surging of the river, they tell the war years filled with gunsmoke.

In order to commemorate the victory of the battle, the soldiers of the 18th army wrote two powerful characters “Tibet” on a mountain wall at the Jinsha River Ferry.

The following two pictures are taken by Benben riding 317 into Tibet on the Jinsha River Bridge in 2017 and 2021.

There will be no third time.

My teammates say that riding 317 in winter is hard enough once.

You have to ride twice.

That must be crazy, I think so.

The checkpoints in Sichuan brush their ID cards.

Crossing the Jinsha River Bridge is the checkpoint in Tibet.

Here they brush their ID cards again.

During the epidemic, they also need to check their health codes and travel cards.

You can take photos and punch in the watchtower on the right side of the bridge.

After leaving the Tibet checkpoint, there is a sister hotel at the entrance.

You can stay and leave the checkpoint and climb to Gangtuo town.

It is basically to repair the asphalt road.

The black pattern is like ancient oracle bone inscriptions, which has not changed for several years.

Climb 9 kilometers to Gangtuo town and have lunch here at Liying hotel.

Before the Aila mountain tunnel is opened to traffic, it can be used as a transitional accommodation, or if you turn over the Aila mountain and want to take the old road, you can consider stopping here.

Gangtuo town is not small.

Many newly built houses are still in a town under construction.

When you come out of Gangtuo Town, the climbing Road basically goes up along the ditch and up to the tunnel, so no matter how many hours you climb, you can still see most of the ditch when you look back.

The terrain is similar to jueba mountain on the 318 South Sichuan Tibet line.

Students with obsessive-compulsive disorder don’t look back.

Teenagers who like ultra short cuts can experience it.

Special reminder: when passing by the village, pay attention to the dog for 50km to reach the tunnel entrance of Aila mountain.

The tunnel was opened to traffic on October 1, 2018.

Remember to use the tail light.

If you choose to continue on the old road, it’s like this.

When you get out of the tunnel, we’ll be ready to keep warm and start grading.

On the way, we’ll pass through vara temple.

Baidu Encyclopedia: the famous Sakya vara temple in kangzang is located in the place where peacocks open their screens, and the peaceful vara river is like a golden Pisces plate.

The founder Ba Siba once turned the Dharma wheel here, leaving many magic weapons such as holding a knife, big black benzene and so on.

It is one of the early Sakya temples with great influence in Chang City, 30 kilometers away from Jiangda county.

It is said that the temple was built in the first year of Baoyou in the Southern Song Dynasty (1253), and was founded by Gongga Ningbo, the first ancestor of Sakya..