317 North Sichuan Tibet line riding strategy D25: Naqu to Gulu town

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Riding 317 Sichuan Tibet North line strategy D24: Naqu has a rest day.

Naqu is 4510m ~ 49.8km, Xiama village is 4635m ~ 70km, and Xiangmao township is 4686m ↗ 78km unknown Yakou 4777m ~ Gulu town 4675m92 km Walker’s Guidebook No.: 2763422 lunch: Mount Emei Hotel, Xiangmao Township accommodation: Mount Emei Hotel, Xiangmao township (food and accommodation): 18908964689 Gulu town accommodation is not very stable in the past two years.

These are the ones who clumsily collected accommodation information in November 2021.

Nine people live in Lhasa Gongji teahouse in Gulu Town: 18208063499.

Shavarevo hotel in Gulu Town: 1888906873218689019221.

There is another one: 173154499915608961771.

The other one is better for five people: 18289112161 dinner.

Recommend riyuzang restaurant in Gulu Town: 15348966017.

Accommodation in Omar Village: 15089067933 special reminder: 1.

Try to complete most of the task of 70km before 1 noon, Otherwise, the headwind in the afternoon will not be able to pedal the motor car.


Pay special attention to avoid large trucks.

It’s best to stop when two cars pass by.


If Gulu town cannot stay, continue to ride for 7 kilometers to Omar village, and then turn to Qinghai Tibet line.

Special reminder! Special reminder! Special reminder! Please take the initiative to stop and avoid when the front and rear trucks pass by! Please take the initiative to stop and avoid when the front and rear trucks pass by! Please take the initiative to stop and avoid when the front and rear trucks pass by! Road condition: the whole course is not smooth asphalt road.

Today’s journey can only be described by ups and downs, with a small rise and fall of 26 kilometers to Roma Town, and then a large rise and fall to Gulu town.

33.4km to the first slope top, 4659m above sea level, then 57.2km to the second slope top, 4765m above sea level, and finally 80km to the last slope top, 4777m above sea level.

None of the three can be called a pass.

They are gentle slopes up and down, but clumsy would rather ride a steep mountain road than a gentle slope on the Qinghai Tibet line, because there are all kinds of winds! From today on, we turn to national highway 109.

The traffic flow of national highway 109 is very high.

In particular, one extra long truck is almost every minute like an international flight.

When two cars miss, the position of our bike is very narrow.

There are small steps on the side.

Don’t panic, let alone turn directly.

It’s very easy to fall.

There are several villages along the way, but there is no one who can stay.

Only in Xiangmao Township, 71 kilometers in the middle, can we stay.

If we have encountered headwinds in the past two days, it is difficult to avoid today.

It is suggested to start early and try to reach Xiangmao township at 12 o’clock.

In this way, even if there is headwind pressure in the next 25 kilometers, we can stay here at Emeishan hotel in Xiangmao township for lunch.

When you encounter headwind and crosswind, once a large truck passes by, people will be pulled to the other side all of a sudden because the truck blocks the wind.

When a large truck comes from the opposite side, a wind pushes you back.

When a large truck comes from the back, it pushes you forward.

You and I in the upwind on the Qinghai Tibet line are like a boat in the sea.

Gulu town is still 70 kilometers away from Dangxiong.

It’s easy without headwind, but it’s unlikely that there is no headwind on the vast Qinghai Tibet line, so it’s reasonable to go to Gulu town today.

This is the record of two rides by Ben Ben..