317 North Sichuan Tibet line riding strategy D23: Xiaqu to Naqu

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The activity time is 4250m from Xiaqu on March 31, 2022 ↗ 27.4km Leidong bridge 4598m ↗ 43.2km jianggulashan pass 4932m ↘ 50.4km kongma Township 4625m ↘ 64km61 zandui Daoban 4480m ↗ 70km Longren bridge 4504m ↗ 79.7km bajola mountain pass 4820m ↘↗ 95.2km tugula mountain pass 4636m ↘ 100km Naqu 4510m Walker’s Guidebook No.: 2763421 lunch place: dry food + kongma Township Shuxin Hotel: 18708067780 Naqu Washington Hotel: 18981753533 Naqu bicycle repair (opposite the headquarters of Naqu military region at the intersection of Education) Tel: 15289161683 special reminder: if there is no headwind in kongma Township, don’t delay eating, rush across the gentle 19km and eat dry food.

If the headwind has begun here, it is recommended to stay locally.

Friendly reminder: if you can’t get to Naqu from Xiaqu in rainy and snowy weather, you can turn to the 61 zandui Daoban (Baidu map navigation 61 zandui Daoban) 64 kilometers away from Xiaqu.

Here you will be provided with accommodation, food, oxygen, hot water and medicine for free, but we don’t take rubbing as a habit on the road, Then there will be no such benefits in the future.

Road conditions: the whole course of asphalt road + upwind + cross wind.

Today’s end of Naqu, we will end the cycling of national highway 317 and turn to national highway 109.

Before, national highway 317 started in Chengdu and ended in Naqu.

Later, the national 13th five year plan (2016-2020) extended national highway 317 into Ali area, from Naqu to the provincial highway S301 we call Ali north line, and to the end of Gar County, Ali area, Tibet, that is, the administrative center of Ali area.

Starting from Xiaqu, there are several speed bumps, 12 kilometers of small ups and downs to Qianxiang, where there is a canteen without accommodation.

There is a Daoban 1.5km away from Daqian township.

The climbing starts from 13.9km, 10 km slowly and 3 km steeply to a bridge.

It passes through two villages.

Dingna village and Luxiong village have only canteens without accommodation information.

When riding 317 Sichuan Tibet North line, you must start early in winter to seize the time with the headwind.

The temperature in Naqu of the whole trip was the lowest in the whole year.

This was taken on November 18, 2017.

This was taken by Qiyou on June 4, 2019.

Maybe it was because of the lack of oxygen in the plateau, maybe it was because of the cold, or maybe it was because the road was too good and too straight.

Anyway, I felt that there were many roadside accidents in the back section of the road.

I tried my best to remind you to reach jianggula mountain pass at 43 km by all kinds of shocking means, The walkers showed that the actual altitude was 4932 meters, and the sign board was 4800 meters.

There is a 7 km sharp bend downhill from Yakou to kongma Township, and then a 19 km slow downhill.

It is 7 kilometers downhill from Yakou to kongma Township, with a total mileage of 50 kilometers.

Kongma township is 4625 meters above sea level.

You can have lunch here and fill it with boiling water.

There are several Tibetan Inns here.

The conditions are ordinary.

It looks like xiongtang village.

If the headwind has begun in kongma Township, sit down quietly for lunch and find a place to live.

If the headwind has not begun, go on the road and rush over these 20 kilometers before eating dry food, otherwise the road behind you will be difficult when the headwind begins.

The next 19 kilometers will slow down.

Don’t be too happy.

It will be hard if you encounter headwind and cross wind.

On November 18, 2017, the 19 kilometer clumsy cart took 5 hours and 20 minutes.

It couldn’t ride at all.

The cart head didn’t dare to lift.

It had to look down to the height of the handlebar and press the front wheel against the white sign line of the road to identify the direction.

The adverse wind and cross wind will not disappear until the sun goes down completely.

It takes a lot of energy to fight against the wind.

Next, there is nothing to supply on the road.

Xia Qu needs to prepare the dry food before leaving.

Next, there are two passes to Naqu.

Before the milestone was updated, k1888 happened to be Xiaqu town.

Now it has come out for 73 kilometers, indicating that the total mileage from Chengdu to Xiaqu is nearly 73 kilometers.

No matter how strong the wind is, we can only push a cart.

If we push one more step, the road will be one less step.

From kongma township to the foot of bajola mountain pass, it goes down slowly for 19 kilometers, and the sun goes down at 7:00 in winter, so we have to finish this 19 kilometers before the headwind disappears and it gets dark.

Then go up the slope for 9 kilometers to bajola mountain pass.

The back 20 kilometers is an undulating road.

Go to Naqu.

The back jianggula pass is not a slope.

The signboard of baqiaola mountain pass is 4700 meters above sea level, with walkers showing 4820 meters and others showing 4852 meters.

There is a checkpoint 90 kilometers away to check the identity, and then 5 kilometers to tuogula pass, which is only 5 kilometers away from Naqu.

Naqu is a prefecture level city under the jurisdiction of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

It is located in the north of Tibet, between Tanggula mountains, Nianqing Tanggula mountains and Gangdise mountains.

It is about 1156 kilometers long from east to west and 760 kilometers wide from north to south.

It connects Changdu city in the East, Ali Region in the west, Lhasa city and Nyingchi city in the south, and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province in the north.

The total area is 369674 square kilometers.

Naqu Zhejiang trade city has a bicycle store, not a brand.

Naqu Yunda express can consign bicycles, 20 yuan per kilogram.

Naqu railway station, bicycles can be mailed and packaged by yourself.

It’s about 8 yuan and 1kg.

The freight is different according to the distance price.

The location is at the railway station.

Two groups of riding data are attached for reference..