23 years, riding more than 400000 kilometers, he has not found his abducted son

On August 23, a missing person notice attracted attention on the Internet.

In Yongsheng County, Lijiang, Yunnan Province, a three-year-old boy was carried away from the roadside by a woman in broad daylight.

According to the child’s parents’ Description: at the time of the incident, grandma was taking her child to herd cattle on the roadside more than 300 meters away from home.

Taking advantage of grandma’s empty gear to drive cattle, a woman came down from a white car, On August 25, after 45 hours of hard work, the police found the child in a cave and arrested two suspects.

Fortunately, the child was safe and returned to his parents.

The child’s father wiped tears several times, Kneel down and thank the police for their hard work and all kind-hearted people who pay attention to this matter.

We can’t put ourselves in the position to experience the father’s mood for 45 hours, but we can be sure that in this matter, in addition to anger and fear, we are more thankful that the child will be back soon, that he is safe and secure, and that through everyone’s efforts, Let the family not be broken, because in real life, many corners we don’t know don’t have this kind of happiness.

On March 25, 2008, in Gongming street, Guangming New Area, Shenzhen, Peng wenle, 3, was abducted by a man in a black jacket in front of his shop.

From that day on, his father Peng Gaofeng began his long journey of finding his son, pulling banners, lighting light boxes and sending reward posts, Finally, in 2011, I found Lele, who was almost seven years old, in Pizhou, Jiangsu Province.

This is the prototype of the film “dear”.

The parent spent three years in order to recover the abducted child.

On January 4, 2005, in Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Shen Cong, a 1-year-old, was abducted in a rental house.

His father Shen Junliang quit his job and was in debt of hundreds of thousands.

After searching for the trace of the child, it was uncovered by the police, The suspect was arrested.

After his confession, Shen Cong was sold 13000 yuan by the hand of Mei Yi.

Two of the four criminals involved were sentenced to death two.

But the whereabouts of Shen Cong were still unknown.

In March 2020, with the efforts of the Guangzhou police, Shen Cong was found, and the father and son two finally met.

At this time, Shen Tsung was abducted, and had passed for 15 years in September 1997.

In Liaocheng, Shandong Province, Guo Zhen, two and a half years old, was abducted from his home.

The villagers raised 50000 yuan to help Guo gangtang, 27, find his children.

After two years, there was no news about Guo Zhen.

Then Guo gangtang rode a motorcycle, put on a banner with a picture of his son, and began his national ride to find his son.

He stopped and stopped 400000 kilometers.

Guo gangtang left the information of the children of the abducted family all the way, He helped more than 1000 families find their children.

This is the prototype of the film lost in solitude, but until now, 23 years later, Guo gangtang has still not been able to find his son for 3 years…

15 years…

23 years…

Even in his life, how many families are waiting for their children to go home in such a mixture of despair and hope, How many families may never see their children again in their lives? Shen Junliang, one of the victims of Aunt Mei’s case, said that after Shen Cong was abducted, he and his wife had children again.

After the children learned to speak, the first thing he did was to teach them to recite their home address and telephone number, and learn how to call for help in case of danger.

Yes, looking at these abduction and trafficking cases, many times, It’s not how good human traffickers are at rhetoric, but the naive nature of children.

A lollipop, a small toy, or perhaps just a request for help may deceive them.

Many foreign video anchors have done similar abduction experiments.

Some people use the geographic location information of mobile games to lure game loving children out in the middle of the night.

Some people use lollipops, Dolls lure their children to strange places.

Some people easily take their children away by means of dogs and luxury cars with the consent of their parents.

It is worth noting that in these experiments, almost all parents think that their anti abduction education for their children is enough.

They are confident that their children will never go with strangers, Not even talking to strangers, but in fact, every child was easily taken away without hesitation and elation…

CCTV has done the same experiment in a kindergarten in China.

For children with different personalities, the staff pretended to be adult traffickers and tried to “abduct” children with different strategies.

Although your words are full of loopholes, and the children have even seen through it many times, the child became familiar with the staff after only talking for a few minutes…

Finally, the staff successfully took the child away from the scene and “abduction” succeeded.

Another helpful child, the staff chose the “help for help” strategy and asked the child to help him find a store.

Unexpectedly, the child had no doubt and went directly with the staff…

According to the volunteers participating in the event, they had held similar tests in many places.

In the end, about 70% of the children were successfully taken away by the staff..