2022 Hainan cycling exchange ends!

Whether motorcycle enthusiasts or professional knights, as a bridge connecting with motorcycle competition, motorcycle riding activities have always been the decisive password in the hearts of motorcycle friends.

2022 Hainan cycling exchange was held in Hainan from January 6 to 9.

It was created by the original team of China Motorcycle Expo.

It is an original large-scale national cycling event integrating the popular “c-turn out” track experience, jinkana activity experience, Haikou Knight carnival, Hainan cycling exchange rally and island knight carnival.

“C-turn out”, jinkana activity, Haikou Knight Carnival event, Hainan cycling exchange rally event event, has built a new and interesting riding experience scene for national motorcycle friends.

The warm tropical climate of Hainan, the scenery along betel nut forest and primitive villages, the unique coastline cycling atmosphere, and the island folk culture all add highlights to the Hainan cycling exchange.

Motorcycle friends feel the unique riding environment in Hainan.

During the four-day activity from January 6 to 9, more than 100 knights from all over the country have jointly contributed countless wonderful moments.

Let’s experience this wonderful, exciting and shocking motorcycle ride through the video.

On January 6, motorcycle riders from all over the country gathered in Hainan, reported to Hainan cycling exchange and stayed in the hotel.

Waiting for them is an unforgettable ride on a tropical island.

On January 7, the knights who signed up for the competition first experienced the Hainan cycling exchange series activities, “c-turn out of the road” and “jinkana scene experience”.

Through the competition between the two activities, we won the score ranking and the qualification of captain of the highlight “Hainan cycling rally” on January 8.

At the check-in point of turning C, the Knights waited for the wonderful moment of turning C.

the wonderful moment of jinkana activity.

On the evening of January 7, the Knights participated in the Haikou Knights carnival.

The motorcycle carnival night is a dynamic performance, and the Knights release their freedom to cheer for tomorrow’s rally.

At the party, more than 60 gifts, including Zongshen Senlan ET2 little beast electric vehicle award, brand helmet, mobile phone bracket and customized water cup, were sent out directly by shaking in two rounds.

Finally, the list of six captains of the rally was announced, and the Knights formed a team to complete it.

In addition, the 2022 electric two wheeled vehicle model of the year was awarded on the spot, and the Knights witnessed the honorary moment of the model of the year voted by the national motorcycle friends.

The live band gave a wonderful performance at the party.

It was a passionate carnival night for motorcycle friends.

It was time for motorcycle friends to participate in the shake activity and fight for speed.

Liu team (first from the left), the official captain of China Motorcycle Expo, presented the award-winning annual model.

On January 8, the exciting Hainan cycling rally was ushered in.

Ride from Haikou to Haihua island in Danzhou, led by 6 team leaders.

The whole journey is 174km through a supply punch point.

All teams and Knights will punch in at the end of the rally – Danzhou Haihua island to write a report card, and the champion team will also climb the highest podium here.

The Knights participating in the rally gathered to start.

The Knights of Haihua Island received material supply bags with Snickers, bread, drinks, etc.

to supplement their physical strength.

The rally was divided into 6 groups and drove to Haihua island in turn.

The Knights rode along the road with changeable scenery, The whole route is unrestricted, which adds fun to the rally ride.

During the rally, we have a short rest in Hongji lakeside new town.

The Knights enjoy a luxury seafood buffet lunch.

Come to a part of the group photo bar, and wear helmets as opponents, After taking off the helmets, the Knights continued to make the final sprint towards the finish line.

After the rally, the staff recorded the results of each group of teams, so that the rally ended.

Next, it was time for the knights to eat, drink and have fun.

On the evening of January 8, an island knight carnival was held in BBQ baking world of Haihua island.

They set out in the name of opponents and met in the name of friends.

This is a relaxed night for the Knights.

We enjoy the carnival after the game and talk about the joy of victory.

At the party, Haoli kept giving away nearly 40 gifts, including brand trunk, helmet tail, backpack, mobile phone bracket and customized water cup, which were directly shaken to the heroic completion knights.

The award ceremony culminated the evening and announced the total ranking of the Hainan cycling exchange: the first prize, the second prize of Musen team, the third prize of Huang Han team and Xu Mingzhuo team, and the special prize of Zhang Dalin team Xi’er (Zhou Xifeng) and Long Ge (Zeng Delong) was awarded to the “little bear market” team to thank them for providing logistics support for the Hainan cycling exchange, Escort the participating motorcycle friends.

Ranking is second, the most important thing is to get honor and enhance brotherhood.

After the race, the Knights listened to the band’s rock music and enjoyed dinner with moyou brothers from all over the world.

They enjoyed joy, freedom, passion and carnival.

At this moment, the cycling exchange was released, so that the Knights of the national moyou family spent a very leisurely day after the race on January 9 and enjoyed the luxurious beauty of Haihua island without pressure.

Beautiful scenery on Danzhou Haihua island.

The 2022 Hainan cycling Exchange opened an official graphic live broadcast platform.

In the four days of the activity, up to 180000 people clicked and browsed, and it is still spreading.

Hainan cycling exchange is the first cycling event in China in 2022, which deeply combines the national cycling activities with Hainan’s natural endowment.

It not only presents the activities favored by motorcycle friends such as c-bend exit, jinkana experience, riding rally and knight carnival, but also integrates motorcycle sports with culture and tourism.

National motorcycle friends gather to enjoy the natural scenery and customs of Hainan and obtain an immersive and interactive theme riding experience.

We will continue to innovate models and scenes, Make continuous efforts to build motorcycle sports and culture with Chinese characteristics..