20 safety tips for riding. Remember that riding is safe!

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Each riding activity must correctly wear helmets and corresponding protective equipment, which is responsible for their own safety and respect for their teammates; 2.

It is forbidden to answer calls from mobile phones while riding.

If you need to answer a call, you should stop at the roadside and answer the phone within the safety range of the highway, not to mention riding with one hand.


There are so many road killers.

When these drivers see you, or even look at each other, they will not take the initiative to avoid you because you are at an obvious disadvantage.

Therefore, riders must be more careful with drivers with four wheels.

Do not think that the driver dare not hit you.

It is possible that the driver will be nervous and step on the wrong accelerator.

It will be his own fault.


Be considerate.

While protecting yourself, pay attention to avoid bumping others.

Especially far away from the elderly and children, the loss of their own money is small, and the destruction of other people’s family happiness is large.


When riding at night, the vehicle should be equipped with lights and tail lights to warn the pedestrians around and the vehicles behind.

Sometimes it is necessary to ride on a crowded road.


According to the model and performance, select the appropriate road sections and road conditions.

If you go off-road by riding an ordinary mountain bike or even a road bike, or a car without shock absorbers, it will not be fun.


Don’t fight for breath and live to be 100 years old.

If you compete with bicycles or other vehicles for the red light, why don’t you let them pass first? Riders are so high-quality.

Even if the green light ahead is on, you still have to wait for it to pass first.


Stay focused at all times.

There is a huge billboard of semi naked beauties on the roadside.

Although it is beautiful and exciting, it is useless.

You can’t hold it back.

You should quickly focus on the road ahead.

Maybe danger will come.


Pay attention to both sides of the road: a lot of annoying things will always cross the roadside for no reason.

Nails, iron wires, TV antennas, ladders and so on.

Anything you can think of may stay on both sides of the road.

Pay attention to these potential dangers.


The cars that turn left in the opposite direction are the most dangerous.

Don’t expect the drivers of those cars to wait for you to pass before turning left.

They are also trying to pass in front of you.


After the signal light has just changed, it is most likely to be dangerous.

Especially when passing through the intersection, you must look at the vehicles running on both sides.


Whenever you want to change the riding lane, you should slow down or even stop, and then make corresponding movement according to the traffic conditions behind.


Be careful of cars that suddenly change direction.

It is the best choice to stay away from them.

Do not ride on “bicycle forbidden” sections, such as pedestrian footpaths, elevated expressways, and sections with bicycle forbidden signs.

When riding a bicycle on the highway, don’t compete with the speed of the car, don’t run the red light, and don’t go retrograde against the rules; 14.

Always keep an eye on the direction of progress, keep your eyes moving, keep the habit of scanning potential hazards, and don’t keep your eyes in one direction for a long time, unless the current situation is really troublesome.


Be careful of the car parked on the roadside.

Maybe the door will suddenly open for no reason, which will probably give you a 360 degree forward somersault.

The scene of the face landing on the ground really didn’t dare to think about it.


When traveling in groups, you should stay in a comfortable position: do not exceed the front car, and do not be bound by the formation.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can pull over to slow down; Don’t worry.

After the adjustment, you will meet the big troops at the next assembly point.


Accidents are most likely to occur in the continuous drizzle.

At this time, the visibility on the highway is very low, and the road surface is even wetter than in the downpour.

It’s difficult for you to control such a situation, so please concentrate.

Or check the weather forecast in advance.

Get into the habit of checking the weather forecast before you go out by bike; 18.

Try not to wear headphones when cycling.

Wearing headphones to listen to music is a big taboo when cycling (if the road is really boring, you can use a portable small stereo to play music outside, but the volume should not be too high); 19.

Don’t bet at the intersection, and don’t be too confident about the driving route of other vehicles.

Especially at the intersection, be careful and make no mistake, which will reduce your probability of victimization by half.


When riding, do not talk with your teammates and ignore the safety of riding.

Concentrate and pay attention to the passing vehicles, road signs and signs, as well as the problems encountered, such as rough roads, rocks, speed bumps, pits, animals, people or vehicles suddenly emerging from the side lane, etc; If a kind of mistake is repeated many times, it is unacceptable anyway.

Unless you like the excitement of passing by death, please don’t let the stupid thing happen again.

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