11.27 King Knight [Phoenix Garden Cycling 1 Day Camp] 25KM composite road crossing challenge, the brave return!

Every riding challenge is a self refining and restructuring! This route, which is defined as “King Knight” – 25km Phoenix Countryside Ride Crossing, is the most classic and most original mountain biking route in Shenzhen.

Greenways, country roads, cross-country sand roads, stream waterways, traffic sidewalks, slope climbing, continuous turning…

Here, you can apply the skills you learned by riding in an all-round way.

When you bravely face the challenge, you will encounter the original forest and lake waterways, and feel the pleasure brought by the natural beauty; They will also pass through the farmland and vegetable garden to see the farmers’ life; There are also challenging gravel roads, green greenways…

more challenging composite roads also make the cycling harvest more attractive.

√ Gain confidence and courage: unlock the riding skills under more complex road environment, and complete riding crossing makes the sense of achievement explode √ Build a firm character: in outdoor riding, make unremitting efforts towards long-term goals √ Cultivate sports fun: let more children love riding, and enjoy the fun of riding King riding Phoenix rural riding crossing, facing outdoor riding skills skilled, A rider who dares to challenge more difficult cross-country crossing routes.

√ Effectively improve children’s concentration and reaction sensitivity √ Through aerobic exercise, children’s physical and mental health and development √ Learn riding skills and traffic rules √ Get away from electronic products, Return to nature √ Learn to face setbacks in riding practice √ Learn to ride standing √ Learn to change speed under different road conditions √ Learn to control the bike smoothly on mud and gravel roads √ Complete climbing and sliding challenges Time: Sunday, November 27, Saturday, December 17 Activity location: Bao’an Phoenix Pastoral Activity Object: 7-12 year old Children Activity number: 15-20 people/period (20 people full, 15 people free of professional photography, 1:3 teacher ratio) Activity price: 499/person, two people enjoy preferential price: 450/person, including: course research and development and organization, teacher guidance fee, course materials, activity insurance, vehicle and equipment transportation.

Travel mode: unified bus travel (it is not recommended to go by yourself, there is a link of team integration on the bus, and children who do not participate may affect the one-day activity experience) Refund instructions: 1.

If you choose to quit for personal reasons, 100% refundable 3 days before the event (including the day); 50% of the class will be withdrawn 2 days (including the day) before the activity starts; Cancellation 1 day before the start of the activity (including the current day) is non refundable.


In case of heavy rain before the start of the event, the event will be postponed or cancelled, subject to the actual notice.

Children have the final right to explain their activities on weekends.


If the activity does not reach the minimum group size, it will be canceled.

Children have the final right to explain the activity on weekends.

Notice for purchase: 1.

Please ensure that the ID card number is correct.

If the ID card number is wrong and the insurance cannot be purchased, the buyer shall bear the responsibility.


The ownership and use right of the photos taken in the activity belong to the children’s weekend.

The children’s weekend can be used in various publicity, and the participation in the activity is deemed as the default of this rule.

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