104 days of cycling, 50 days of returning home, living in Fengxiang Town, Luobei county.

Seven words.

The feeling of returning home is timid and bumpy.

I walk alone in October and a half.

The seasons change and summer returns.

Wanderers know their hometown better, and steel men cry.

The book continues from the first.

After three nights of living in a steamer like super small room, many hot prickly heat rashes came out.

On July 29, we left for Luobei county.

We still have the last two days to go.

The night before yesterday, I broke the toilet ring.

Yesterday, I made a special remark with a middle-aged man who looked like a boss or a steward, “it’s okay.

It’s okay.

Just don’t stab you.”.

“I didn’t prick it.

The key thing was that it was biased up.

I didn’t hurry up very hard.

It broke when I rubbed it.” When the deposit was refunded, I was so angry that I said to the girl at the front desk who questioned me, “I understand you are a worker.

I said hello to the boss yesterday.

You can call to check.

Besides, this thing is purely a consumable.

If it breaks down, you can’t rely on the customer to compensate.” When the luggage was tied up and the photo was taken, another foreman girl followed.

“Brother, why are you photographing the hotel…

Just now, the one you said is not my boss…

You see, it’s broken…” the mud horse was quacking.

Before her voice fell to the ground, she was helped by the heat rash 🔥, The roof will fall.

“Listen, beauty, you are only allowed to say this for the second time.

Whether that person is your boss or not, greeting in advance is just a kind of respect, and no one wants to avoid, do you understand?…

do you know what consumables mean? For example, electric fans, hot water kettles, televisions, etc., there will always be a bad day.

Do you want the last to catch up with the guests to pay for them? I use them normally and have a bad ass, do you understand? The circle is biased.

Do you know? Suppose you want to I broke the mirror on the wall.

No problem, You can pay as much as you want…

” “Don’t think it’s up to you to the final say if you have a deposit.

Even if that crap is worth ten or twenty yuan, if you grind it out, believe it or not, you’ll call the police in front of you?…

why do you take photos of the hotel, leave a souvenir, and send a circle of friends? Let alone stay here for three nights, what can you do even if the pedestrians on the road take a few photos? Beauty, you have too many things to do.

I’ve ridden tens of thousands of miles.

It’s all in Hegang.

How about my hometown Are there any rules about spicy food?…

@\\$^&%! $\\\ ¥&@34%#……!” Finally, she was completely shocked in the storm of a series of righteous words.

Later, a young man came to the bar, and he glanced at his old uncle.

Ha ha, little rabbit, you dare to say a word.

I will teach you how to be a man right away.

Cut! Cut! 😡😡😡 When I got to the intersection, I saw this big brother talking loudly to others about his “heroic deeds” riding back from Sanya.

Emma, that’s why I helped you point it out to brother Wang of the hotel that day! Big brother told me the way out of the city and to Luobei in detail.

Thank you, thank you! 🙏🙏🙏 Eh, eh, at the intersection of songbin street and Fendou Road, I came across this “Honey snow ice city”.

There is no doubt that I have to hold a show.

I forgot the name of a drink for eight yuan.

It’s not good to drink.

The key is our consistent mood and mood! Hee hee, ha ha, after more than ten months of circling around most of China, I finally saw the signboard pointing directly to my hometown city.

Long time no see, kind, excited, Kaisen, gaga! 😄😄 I’d like to express some personal views at the moment.

Just because the precious life is extremely limited, everyone should try to live differently every day, such as following the rules every day, two points and one line, repeating and copying.

What is the meaning and significance of that? Of course, although not absolutely, I just want to remind my friends who have some conditions to think more about life, add passion, and try to put it into action.

Beishan Township, located in the northwest of Suibin County, has 11 administrative villages.

In 2018, there were 5139 people with registered residence, and only one comprehensive store or supermarket with a business area of more than 50 square meters.

Perhaps in a few years, the township will inevitably be merged or downgraded to the village level.

Suibin state farm, founded in 1948, is the 9th regiment of the second division of the Heilongjiang production and Construction Corps of the Shenyang Military Region of the former Chinese people’s Liberation Army.

It is now subordinate to Baoquanling administration branch of Heilongjiang General Bureau of agricultural reclamation.

Suibin farm, with a population of 19074 in 2010, has built an agricultural airport.

There are many bungalow dwellings deep on both sides of the main road “Suifu road”, which is in sharp contrast to other farms with excellent planning and numerous buildings.

Leave Suibin farm immediately, 72 kilometers away from Luobei county and 108 kilometers away from Baoquanling.

Now I’m on my way to home! Fuxing township of Suibin county is smaller, with only three administrative villages under its jurisdiction, Fuxing, Tongren and Deshan, and a registered residence population of 4147.

Fuxing Township used to be called “Fuxing Manchu Township”.

Please take a closer look at the many architectural signs in Fuxing village, where the township government is located.

The word “Manchu” has long disappeared.

Is it the Manchu people who have disappeared, or have they been deliberately deducted? Anyway, it is no longer called Fuxing township of Manchu Township.

Maybe there are few Manchu people left..