10 tips for novice cyclists


set out in a team.

If this is your first time, you’d better set out in a team; Arrive earlier than the agreed time, communicate with your teammates, and ask if you don’t understand; Pay attention to obstacles and other teammates when riding; When you want to leave the team, you must tell the team leader or teammates; If you ride in front of the captain, the captain will no longer be responsible for you; If you are marching in line, keep a constant speed and do not suddenly brake or accelerate when turning; When you see an obstacle, you should point it out.

Don’t stare at the tires of the teammates in front.

Also, don’t hit the tires of the teammates in front.

2.50% law do not ride more than 50% of the length of the last ride.

Water should be replenished in time during cycling.

Some riders who have never ridden more than 15 kilometers at a time say they want to ride 50 or 70 kilometers.

Of course, the result is very tragic.

Some of them even have a permanent “trailer”.

If you want to become a long-distance driver, you should train for six consecutive weekends and increase the riding length every weekend.


cotton clothes cotton clothes can only be worn when you have to, including underwear! The cycling clothing is designed to directly contact the skin, and its sweat wicking material can quickly disperse moisture.

The padded part of riding pants usually adopts anti bacteria fiber.

Cotton absorbs moisture, causing inflammation or blisters.


tire pressure check the tire pressure before each ride.

Many drivers’ tires are either over inflated or under inflated, both of which can easily lead to flat tires.

In fact, there is no need to hit the tire to the maximum tire pressure.

The tire that is too hard is difficult to handle and easy to wear out, and it is not helpful to reduce the rolling resistance.

If it is midsummer, be careful not to put the bicycle in the boot, the tire may burst or leak.


chain wash the chain frequently and add oil to it, because it directly affects the performance and safety of the vehicle.

Now there are tools on the market to measure the chain elongation.

If the chain has run 3200 kilometers or more, it should be replaced.

When choosing a chain, make sure whether you want to buy 8, 9 or 10 Speed ones.

Special tools are required to disassemble the chain, unless there is a master link.

Measure again after the new chain is installed.


the seat cushion height with correct seat cushion height should be that when the foot pedal goes to the lowest point, the knee is 30% bent, while when sitting on the seat cushion, the foot should not touch the ground.

Too low seat cushion will put pressure on the tendon connecting tibia and knee; Too high will make you have to stretch your legs to walk, which will hurt your knees and back.

So you can take the medicine according to the prescription.

You can adjust the pain as you like.


don’t wait for hunger and thirst before eating or hydrating.

Some people think that water should be replenished every 15 minutes and food should be eaten every 24 kilometers.

If you already feel hungry and thirsty, it means you are too hungry and thirsty.

If you ride more than 80 kilometers, then God horse energy bar, glue, etc.

are essential.

A few days before cycling, you should pay attention to supplementing enough water and nutrition.

Calculate the amount of food and water you need and carry more than expected.

Functional drinks must be consumed within 20 minutes after the end of more than one hour of riding.


pedal self-locking pedal is king.

Riding with a self-locking pedal is like drawing a circle with the heel: pull up, push the pedal over the top, and then pull the pedal back like you want to scrape the mud off the sole.


change speed as required.

Low gear ratio requires higher stepping frequency, which can increase the amount of exercise of the oxygen consuming system.

If the legs feel tired, lower the gear ratio; If the air change is too urgent, increase the gear ratio.

In addition, clean the flywheel at least once a month.

If you feel that the speed change is not smooth, there is abnormal noise or chain jumping, you need to adjust the speed change line.

If you don’t know how to adjust, you can go back to the store where you bought the car.

Most of them can be adjusted for free.


traffic rules.

This is common sense: keep riding in a straight line and follow the traffic lights.

Don’t think you are riding, be as strict as you are driving…