10 questions you need to know about cycling!


You need to know your abilities.

People who want to get more in cycling should know what your limits are.

You may not be able to do what others can do.

You may not be able to go where others can.


You need to know your limits.

Here is your physical limit and your psychological limit.

Especially important when riding long distances.

It is unrealistic to ask a person who has never ridden to ride 200km at a time.


You need to know your equipment.

The performance of equipment protects you to a great extent.

Helmet is a typical example.

Four people I saw with my own eyes benefited from the protection of helmets.

In the same way, I saw more than one person braking before going downhill.


You need to know some basic medical knowledge.

Including your blood type, your medical history and your history of drug allergy.

If you are injured, how can your partner contact your family.


You need to know the corresponding laws.

Various legal provisions related to traffic.


You need to know at least 4 phone numbers.

110, 120 and at least two riders who can help you.


You need a team.

Try to travel with your companions.


You need a set of good tools, minimum spare parts and basic maintenance knowledge.

Don’t always expect others to bring several spare tires.


You need patience.

Don’t expect you to become a devil terminator in a month.


You need to know that you are very important in the team and no one will leave you.

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