10 most frequently asked questions by novice cyclists


Must the front and rear lamps be installed? The headlamp has lighting and warning functions; The tail light has the function of warning the rear car.

The most important thing is to drive safely so that other passers-by can see themselves.

It is suggested that every cyclist who can ride at night should install front and rear lights.


Can my kettle fit into the kettle rack? The width of the water bottle rack is designed to accommodate the special water bottle for bicycle, so the water bottle larger or smaller than the special water bottle can not be put into the water bottle rack.

It is recommended that motorists can buy the special water bottle, otherwise the water bottle can not be firmly fixed on the water bottle rack, and there will be a risk of bouncing out.


What is the lock pedal? Lock pedal is a special pedal for bicycles.

With lock shoes and buckle, the foot and pedal can be combined together.

In addition to stepping down, it can also exert the force of lifting up, which can improve the riding speed.

Also, because both feet are fixed on the pedal, they will not move because of the bounce of holes in the road.


Can road vehicles be equipped with side stands? Generally speaking, road vehicles are not equipped with side stands, mainly because road vehicles pursuing lightweight do not want to increase excess weight.

In addition, the installation of general side stands will leave lock marks, so riders usually do not install side stands.


What are the functions of gloves? Gloves have the function of anti slip, which makes it easier to operate the handle.

In addition, some gloves will have cushions, which will be more comfortable to ride.

If a car accident happens, it can also protect the hands from friction and serious injury.


Does the bicycle feel easy to break the tire? At present, bicycles are still dominated by inner and outer tire systems.

Therefore, they will be damaged if pierced by foreign bodies.

Usually, they are unlucky and encounter tire breakage accidents.

It is not easy for bicycles to break tires.


How to set the correct seat height? For sports or long-distance riders, it is generally recommended that the seat height be set to straighten and slightly bend when the foot is at the lowest point of the pedal.

It will be a more appropriate height.

Too high or too low will cause a burden on the waist and knees.


Where should I put my belongings when cycling? Carry on items are usually small things such as mobile phones, wallets and keys.

You don’t carry a backpack during sports.

Therefore, you can put small things in the three small pockets behind the car clothes, or buy Cushion bags and upper tube bags to install on the bicycle.


Can you ride more comfortably by installing ox horns? Riders who ride flat handle bicycles are unable to change the grip position of their hands, and their palms and waist may be sore.

Installing ox horns can change the grip position of their hands, and the tilt angle of their body will be relatively strong.

For riders who need to change their posture, installing ox horns is a good choice.


The cushion is very hard.

Does your ass hurt? Most people may feel hip pain because they are not used to sitting on the cushion for a long time.

In fact, as long as they exercise and ride more, they can overcome the pain problem with certain training of hip muscles, and it will be more comfortable to wear a pair of car pants…