10.3&6/Lotus Island Cycling&Crab Tasting

On the Lotus Island of Yangcheng Lake, the authentic crab eating started in autumn, the crab feet tickled, chrysanthemums blossomed, and the crab smelled.

The round navel in September was sharp in October.

At present, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have basically finished shelling for five to six times and can enjoy themselves! How to eat hairy crabs? How to eat crabs correctly 1-2: eat the crab legs first, cut the two ends of the crab legs and poke them out with crab tweezers; 3: Cut the two ends of the crab claw to break it, and then use the crab spoon to dig the meat; 4: Before eating crab roe and crab paste, please clean your mouth, remove the crab heart, and dig it out with a crab spoon; 5-6: Cut the crab body, and then use the crab thorn to remove the crab meat; Lotus Island Lotus Island is located in the northeast of the ancient city of Suzhou.

It is surrounded by water on three sides.

Because it looks like a lotus and is embedded in a lake, it is named “Lotus Island”.

Lotus Island is full of flowers.

Large areas of rape flowers, sunflowers, marigolds, etc.

are all over the island.

At four seasons, flowers bloom all the year round, making you feel like you are in the sea of flowers.

The Lotus Island in autumn is not only a highly designed building like hairy crabs.

It looks like a thatched house near the island from a distance, but also reveals a sense of simplicity and sophistication from a close look.

There are many interesting plates on Lotus Island.

The Xizui Wetland where sunflowers are located is the best place to watch sunflowers, lotus and enjoy the lake scenery.

After watching the sunflower, there is a large open lawn nearby! Or walk in the long plank road, with reeds and lotus leaves beside you, and the whole person is surrounded by green.

The wetland is close to the lake, and you can also take fishing gear to watch the lake while fishing.

The online red service area — the garden style building structure of the card punching Yangcheng Lake service area, which integrates shopping malls and gardens, attracts ten stars.

The Suzhou version of the “Venetian Hotel”, the Yangcheng Lake garden style theme service area, with a total floor area of 50000 square meters, aims to be “the first in China and the world leader”, takes the design concept of “a dream of water, poetry and painting in the south of the Yangtze River”, and features “one street and three gardens”.

The design of the door head is very interesting.

The white wall and black tile herringbone lines with Soviet architectural characteristics are very recognizable.

Round hollow out wall cloth partition, with small pool decoration, has a bit of garden charm.

When we enter the room, we ask ourselves, “Is this a mall?”? park? Or the service area? Arch bridge, eaves, stage, pavilions, small bridges and flowing water.

The overall space design looks like a Venetian hotel with Soviet style architectural elements- The special experience place for outdoor activities organized by Starry Outdoor 1.

The professional team leader guides and shoots the most beautiful journey for children.


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The authorship of Starry Sky Outdoor is the unexpected professional team to send the group in person.

Not to adjust the crowd, we only found the same people to gather at Exit 4 of Line 4 of Shanghai Yishan Road Station at 07:25, and left on time at 07:30! (Don’t be late! The activity experience is the most important, and you can’t wait until late.); ❑ 09:30 Arrive at the south wharf of Suzhou Lianhua Island (Yangcheng Lake Tourism Distribution Center) and board the island by speedboat.

Arrive at Lianhua Island in about 15 minutes for island tour, and arrive at Xizui Wetland to watch sunflowers.

❑ Arrive at the farmhouse at about 12:00 for lunch.

One pair for each male and one female crab according to the reservation; After the meal, go to the Sanyuan Mansion, the outlying island at about 16:30, take the bus back to Yangcheng Lake Service Area to punch in and have fun, and gather at 17:00, get on the bus at left and right, and return to Shanghai.

❑ Arrived in Shanghai at about 19:30 and said goodbye one by one.

See you next time! (To sum up, it is only for reference.

If it is adjusted due to weather and irresistible factors, the actual arrangement of the team leader shall prevail.) Special reminder: 1.

The applicants must not be at medium high risk, and the nucleic acid must be within 48 hours on the day when the application code is green (it is better to make nucleic acid one day before departure).


Low risk travel is not isolated, and has been confirmed with the scenic spot and the prevention and control department.


If the relevant department prompts that the bus is inconvenient, it will arrange self driving; 4.

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The meal fee is AA on site (optional at the time of registration, if the number is more than 10, it will be ordered.

The average number of crabs is 100-150 per person, including crabs) 2.

One pair of hairy crabs each, one male and one female, will be booked in advance.

Check the remarks when signing up for an additional amount..