📢 Just because she wore it on her bike, the girl almost cut her throat to death!

It’s said that listening to this song and watching the news will make people happier! Let’s start today’s news! Recently, Xiaoyang in Huai’an, Jiangsu Province had a sub insurance accident.

A few days ago, she was riding an electric car while listening to her headphones.

Unexpectedly, she suddenly collided with an electric car nearby.

Xiao Yang fell to the ground and his head was stuck in the guardrail.

At the moment of falling, Xiao Yang’s neck was tightly entangled by the earphone line.

He just cut a big hole of five centimeters, and his neck was bleeding out.

Finally, Xiao Yang was cut off the earphone cable by the 120 emergency workers who came to him before he got out of danger.

No matter riding or driving, you decide not to listen to headphones, which affects your senses.

If you are entangled by the headphone cable, something serious may happen.

At noon yesterday, many people in Dandong Wanda shopping mall were shopping.

Suddenly, they heard a loud noise, followed by a burst of noise.

I saw a large glass on the ceiling of the shopping mall, 20 or 30 meters away from the ground, which suddenly fell for some reason.

It was a terrible fall.

It hit two passing female customers on the first floor.

Among them, the elderly female customer was knocked unconscious on the spot, with multiple injuries and blood flowing.

After the accident, someone quickly dialed 120.

At present, the wrist tendons, nerves, blood vessels and bones of the most seriously injured female customer are all broken, and the two injured are being treated in the hospital.

It’s terrible.

The responsible party must be investigated to the end.

The reason why Liu Gua man came back from a business trip to Beijing last year is that Liu Gua man’s daughter came back from a business trip.

Watermelon has grown this year.

It looks like an ordinary watermelon, but other aspects have made the whole family lose their chin.

This kind of watermelon can bounce like a leather ball when thrown on the ground, and it has strong hardness.

It can only be cut with a knife.

It’s even more wonderful after cutting.

The pale yellow pulp and blue melon seeds don’t taste like watermelon.

It’s very sour when fried.

Now the Liu family is about to be crowded by villagers in shiliba village.

They all come to see this wonderful watermelon.

The Liu family is also going to show it to agricultural experts.

After eating watermelon for so many years, have you ever seen a watermelon that can be kicked as a ball.

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