【 Cycling Alliance 】 warmly congratulate the public welfare cycling Shandong Zibo alliance and Zibo cavalry annual meeting for a complete

The seventh annual meeting (2021) of Shandong Zibo alliance and Zibo cavalry company is scheduled to be held on Saturday, December 18, 2021 at 18:00 p.m.

at the two floor of the Oriental Pearl Hotel.

[hotel address] about 200 meters west of Huaguang road and Dongsi road.

At that time, you are welcome to participate enthusiastically.

The annual meeting will cost AA system, 100 yuan per person.

Sponsors are free of a fee.

The annual meeting will set up a lucky draw with prizes to be determined In constant update [Special Prize] one: one hundred birds series guest house with one courtyard (value: 980 yuan / yard) (sponsored by niuji’an resort) [first prize] two: two Qingjing series guest houses with one courtyard (value: 880 yuan / yard) (sponsored by niuji’an resort) [Second Prize] second prize: two sets of Heya series homestays (worth 680 yuan / yard) (sponsored by niuji’an resort) [Third Prize] second prize: one safety deduction of Brazilian purple ocean chalcedony, 280 yuan / piece, (sponsored by manager biyuju Dazhi.) [Fourth prize] two winners: one SUPOR electric kettle, 239 yuan / piece, (sponsored by general agent of Supor of Jinan Wanqi Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

~ manager Zhang Zhenhao) [Fifth prize] three winners: one set of fleece riding clothes, 180 yuan / piece.

(sponsored by Zibo panding decoration design Engineering Co., Ltd.

~ Fang Qi.

[sixth prize] two: a string of six petaled Vajra Bodhi, 150 yuan / string, (sponsored by manager biyuju ~ Dazhi) [seventh prize] ten: one riding helmet per person (sponsored by Prajna bicycle) Eighth prize, tenth prize, One box of fresh milk each (sponsored by riders who are calm as water) [ninth prize] ten: one T-shirt for each person (sponsored by Shandong Qingzhou alliance Haidai volunteer for public welfare cycling) [tenth prize] ten: one riding cap for each person (sponsored by Alliance Materials) [eleventh prize] Top 10: one cycling bag per person (sponsored by Alliance Materials) [12th prize] top 10: one bag of laundry detergent per person (sponsored by Taikang Life Insurance ~ Ms.

Aijun) [13th prize] top 10: one barrel of detergent per person (sponsored by Taikang Life Insurance ~ Ms.

Aijun) [fixed Award in 2021] I.

Memorial Award: 1 One temperature display stainless steel water cup per person (expenditure of alliance activities) 2 A bottle of chain oil (sponsored by the company commander) 3 A handful of green noodles (sponsored by the old stone mill flour of Zichuan Hotel) II: 20 excellent knights in 2021, awarded medals (sponsored by mingchan monks) prizes: half a catty of dandelion tea / person (sponsored by Zhaopeng tea house), the top 10 + riding water cup / person, the last 10 riding Half Finger Gloves / person (sponsored by Prajna bicycle) III: 10 excellent long march awards in 2021, Medals (sponsored by mingchan lay) prizes are sponsored by contentment (brother Xiao): two inner tubes.

4: Excellent team leader award: a Jian, excellent team closing Award: excellent squadron guarantee award of Boulevard: bad boy, green pine, King color, do whatever you want, prize: one mention of Huisha welcome wine per person (2 bottles) (sponsored by Binzhou alliance) V: Special Contribution Award: old cow, grape wine, Prizes Huisha Yingbin wine (two bottles) per person (sponsored by Binzhou alliance) 6: best photography and Video Award: Xin prize: Huisha Yingbin wine (two bottles) (sponsored by Binzhou alliance) 7: annual meeting preparation Award: village girl Xiaofang prize: huaizhuang Hanyun Yiti (two bottles) (purchased by the Alliance) 8: supporter Award: rainbow Autumn fruit prize: huaizhuang Hanyun one (two bottles) per person (purchased with alliance funds) 9: best author Award: Juncai, bad boy prize: huaizhuang Hanyun wine one (two bottles) per person (purchased with alliance funds) 10: mutual aid Award: bad boy, Juncai, Walker, Wutai wolf, wind fire wheel, all-way cycling, God, mingchan lay, Qingsong, Xin, simple, calm like water Red bottle coarse grain hall wine (2 bottles) / person (sponsored by Meng general manager of coarse grain Hall) Xi: cavalry company chorus Award: Prize: one riding waist bag per person, and the prize is sponsored by riding friend ah Fu to purchase 30 riding waist bags.

12: In order to encourage riders who support group activities, tickets sponsored by niuji’an resort are distributed according to the top 50 attendance.

The above awards and prizes can only be distributed on the site of the annual meeting.

Failure to participate in the annual meeting will be regarded as giving up the prizes and the ranking will be postponed.

In order to enliven the atmosphere and increase friendship, a talent show for self entertainment will be held at that time.

It is hoped that talented riders will sign up for the show.

Friends who sign up for the talent show will have exquisite gifts (a pair of sunscreen sleeves) sponsored by the company commander.

Loving enterprises, companies, social organizations and local tyrants are welcome to sponsor prizes and activity expenses for this annual meeting.

Sponsors can get free one-year preparations for the annual product promotion meeting on this platform, and riders can carry materials.

Venue layout.

Staff in place.

The general planner of the annual meeting, village aunt Xiaofang, and the hosts rainbow and Qiuguo finally confirmed the preparations, and the preparations for the annual meeting began.

107 people attended the annual meeting..