【 Cycling Alliance 】 leisure cycling in Wenchang Lake ~ visit huaizhuang winery Shandong Office

Visit the Shandong Office of huaizhuang winery] it is planned to visit the Shandong Office of huaizhuang winery by leisure riding Wenchang lake on Saturday, January 15, 2022 at its own risk and expense.

The theme of the activity is about 70 kilometers to protect green waters and mountains and practice environmental protection and public welfare.

Advocate the use of safer bicycles for medium and short distance commuting, and ride with friends and family all over the world.

Gathering time 8:00 o’clock gathering place wangshe road and Liuquan intersection cycling intensity] leisure, including Xiaopo cycling route gathering place ~ Liuquan road ~ Haidai Avenue ~ West No.

11 road ~ fanyanghe road ~ Wenchang lake dam ~ Zhaili ~ visit huaizhuang liquor Shandong Office ~ choose a place for lunch ~ return to Zibo.

Precautions: Participants must be in good health, wear helmets, riding gloves, riding clothes and other riding protection equipment, abide by road traffic regulations, no red light running, no surpassing the team leader, no competition, pure leisure riding, speed limit of 25km, maintain formation and safety first.

Because there are certain risks in riding activities, in order to avoid risks, (it is strongly recommended to buy personal accident insurance!!! For relevant rules, you can contact riding friends in the group, @ Aijun 13275339613) for everyone’s safety, drinking is limited at lunch.

Welcome to sign up.

In order to facilitate contact during cycling activities, participants should chat privately with the group leader or team leader and leave a phone number.

Thank you! Team leader: a Jian, team leader: Boulevard squadron: bad boy, Juncai, people on the journey, Xin, lay.

15 riders of Shandong Zibo public welfare Cycling Alliance were on standby at the assembly site, and 11 riders were waiting to meet along the way.

At 8:00 a.m., 26 riders set out to meet on Haidai Avenue and go to fanyanghe road via West No.

11 road.

The first rest point, rest and replenish water.

After rest, continue to ride along Fanyang River Road.

It’s close to Wenchang lake dam.

The scenery along the way is good.

Reach Wenchang lake dam.

I found a Qiyou post station.

After inquiry, it was built only after visiting Wenchang lake garden.

Because of time, I have to visit huaizhuang winery Shandong office after taking a group photo.

Didn’t wait for the person in charge to arrive.

Take a group photo.

Drone video, take pictures.

Arrive at the destination – huaizhuang winery Shandong Office.

Take a group photo with huaizhuang winery Shandong Office ~ President Chen.

Tea tasting tour.

For lunch exchange, thank President Chen of huaizhuang wine Shandong Office for sponsoring lunch wine.

Ride safely for more than 70 kilometers, enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way, taste delicious food and wine,..