[Yunnan Guizhou flower season on the 5th] 200000 mu of rape flowers in Luoping, ride through Wanfeng forest and enjoy early spring

The itinerary is scheduled from January 22 to January 26, February 1 to February 5, February 2 to February 6, February 3 to February 7.

The monthly itinerary price for adults: 2280 yuan / person; children: 1280 yuan / person (less than 1.2m, not occupying beds) [number of people in a group] 1 person in a group; no more than 22 people [suitable population] physical health tourists aged 4-70, including [transportation] 22 VIP groups; [accommodation] 1 night in Guiyang Hotel, 3 nights in Xingyi light luxury boutique [tickets] Huangguoshu sightseeing bus and tickets; Wanfenglin sightseeing bus and tickets; Malinghe sightseeing bus and tickets; jinjifengcong viewing platform tickets [catering] including 4 morning [team leader] whole process professional local team leader to accompany [organization] long-term organization costs [insurance] travel agency liability insurance and travel accident insurance.

The fee does not include the refund standard for non essential consumption scenic spots or entertainment items that do not have to pay their own expenses in large transportation scenic spots.


10 days or more before departure (subject to the date of the event gathering day), 1% of the total travel expenses shall be paid; 2.

10% of the total travel expenses shall be paid from 9 to 8 days before departure; 3.

40% of the total travel expenses shall be paid from 7 to 4 days before departure; 4.

55% of the total travel expenses shall be paid from 3 to 1 days before departure; 5.

70% of the total travel expenses shall be paid on the day of departure.

Children’s expenses description standard: free tickets for children under 1.2m (for transportation vehicles in scenic spots, children exceeding 1.2 meters (some scenic spots exceeding 1.1 meters) are charged as adults) the fee includes: parking space, service fee (the expenses incurred by children in hotels or scenic spots exceeding the charging standard need to be borne by themselves).

Preferential policies 1.

Children under the age of 14 are free of charge (half fare for some scenic spots over 1.2m, subject to the actual indicated charging standard of the scenic spot).


Free ticket for people aged 60 and above with their own valid ID card.


Free ticket for people with valid disability card.


Valid tour guide card, press card of the General Administration of information and active servicemen (officer) ticket free ticket refund is based on the agreement between travel agency and scenic spot, the refund process is 1, and the travel consultation is: the donkey walking 13122502945 WeChat number (15 days ahead of time) 2, and the period of the participating group is determined.

(name, ID number, contact number) 3, prepaid deposit: 1000 yuan / person.

(the balance is paid off on the collection day) 4.

Waiting for a trip: three days before the collection day, notify each applicant to collect information such as hotels and transportation guides D1 – Guiyang Collection – on the first day of staying in Guiyang, friends from all over the world arrive in the forest city Guiyang with their ideal transportation mode, sign in at the designated hotel and check in.

Guiyang has a pleasant climate, no hot summer, known as the summer capital and surrounded by green belts Surrounded by fresh air, it is a slow-paced modern city with mountains and beautiful mountains and rivers.

Guiyang is only 12 kilometers away from the urban area, and the normal traffic is about 30-50 yuan.

However, the traffic jam in Guiyang is serious, especially during the peak period.

Guiyang railway station is in the urban area.

Under normal circumstances, the cost of taking a taxi to the hotel will not exceed 15 yuan.

Guiyang North Railway Station (high-speed railway station) takes a taxi to the urban area for about 20-30 yuan.

Accommodation: Guiyang Hotel Catering: take care of yourself all day [food for reference] but home crispy duck, silk love red soup, silk doll, aunt Yang silk doll, old couple’s glutinous rice, gold medal Luoji sausage noodles, local bean rice hot pot, Shipan Street Kaili sour soup fish.

[about free activities] Jiaxiu building, Qianling Park, people’s Square, Huaxi Shili river beach [recommended snack street] Erqi road snack street, Qingyun road snack street, Shaanxi Road snack street D2 Guiyang Huangguoshu waterfall Xingyi [morning] go to doupotang waterfall, watch the shooting place at the end of the journey to the West, and then walk to the waterfall to see the waterfall from multiple angles.

[afternoon] enjoy the whole journey of the Tianxing bridge.

After taking a rest in gaolaozhuang, go to the mysterious lower part of the Tianxing bridge and feel the magic of karst landform.

[Huangguoshu waterfall] Huangguoshu waterfall, formerly known as Baishui River waterfall, also known as “huanggeshu” waterfall or “huangjueshu” waterfall, because “Huangge banyan” is widely distributed here And got its name.

Billowing white waves pour down, and the water is vast and amazing! In Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area, with Huangguoshu waterfall as the center, there are 18 waterfalls of different sizes with male, strange, dangerous and beautiful styles, forming a huge waterfall “family”, which is rated as the largest waterfall group in the world by the world Guinness headquarters.

In winter and spring, the waterfall spreads on the whole cliff, and visitors praise it as silver, bold and beautiful; When the water is heavy in autumn and summer, it is like the Milky Way pouring down, surging and unstoppable.

The water mist aroused by the waterfall splashes more than 100 meters high.

After the tour, We will go to Xingyi to stay ~ accommodation: Xingyi boutique B & B Catering: including morning D3 – Xingyi – Malinghe 0.5h – Luoping – live in Wanfenglin [morning] after breakfast, we go to the hotel known as “the most beautiful scar on the earth” [Maling River Canyon] if you use a geological scalpel to dig, you can see the multi-level landform of karst – ground fissures, canyons, waterfalls, rivers and calcium carbonate wall hanging.

Among them, the most ornamental is the high hanging waterfalls one after another.

The big waterfalls fall like the Milky way, and the water is as small as a winding and beautiful woman.

When you walk into the bottom of the valley, you see the river roaring and rushing upward, The leafy stones hanging on the wall are really like the torn wounds of the earth, especially realistic.

There are two suspension bridges on the river, We connect the two sides [ancient post road on foot] into a loop.

We play in the middle of the canyon for about two hours, and then set off for the golden ocean- [Luoping], in this season when rape flowers are blooming everywhere, the golden yellow on the earth stretches for several kilometers, which is a symbol of prosperity in spring.

First, we will come to screw field and feel the terrace form different from Luoping rape flower sea.

Even golden yellow has different personality..