When riding, camping, mountain climbing and swimming, don’t make a mistake

Many people choose to take short trips during their holidays.

They go cycling, camping, mountain climbing and swimming with their families…

These holidays are full of fun, but also hidden risks.

Please keep this “holiday outdoor sports safety tips”.

1 riding: the posture should be correct.

Before riding, adjust the height of bicycle seat and handlebar.

When riding, pay attention to the direction of toes and knees, and avoid eight characters inside and outside the knees.

The wrong way of riding will increase the load on the knee joint with each step.

2 Camping: bring first-aid supplies.

When camping in the field, sometimes there will be emergencies.

Remember to bring disposable medical alcohol cotton tablets, band aids and other basic first-aid supplies just in case.

Try to wear long sleeves and trousers and bring anti mosquito products.

3 mountain climbing: don’t rush down the mountain too fast.

You are very tired when you go down the mountain.

Rushing down the mountain quickly is easy to be dangerous.

Try to go down the mountain slowly on your side, and pay attention to relaxing the muscles of your knees.

4 swimming: prepare a bath towel.

Swimming in the water for a long time will consume a lot of physical strength.

If you don’t pay attention to keeping warm when you first get ashore, it’s easy to catch a cold.

After swimming ashore, you’d better put on a bath towel immediately.

5 ride: don’t forget to fasten the seat belt.

If there are children traveling with you, you must use appropriate child safety seats and seat belts according to the child’s age, weight and height to effectively protect the child’s ride safety.

Only children with a height of more than 145 cm can use adult seat belts.

Reviewed by: Ni Guoxin, expert of National Health Science Popularization expert database, Dean of School of sports medicine and rehabilitation, Beijing University of physical education, planned by: Tan Jia, Yu Yunxi, drawn by: Wang Junke, edited by: Fan Hongyan..