Urban management escort, please rest assured to ride

As a flexible short-distance travel tool, public slow traffic vehicles such as public bicycles and shared bicycles have become the choice of more citizens, and urban managers have a heavier responsibility for epidemic prevention.

Differential delivery and undifferentiated disinfection: on the basis of meeting the riding needs of citizens, dynamically regulate the number of vehicles, and synchronously reduce the delivery of single vehicles in key epidemic control areas.

At the same time, carry out “undifferentiated disinfection”, that is, the operation and maintenance personnel disinfect all single vehicles on the Road regardless of brand and color, and disinfect service points, operation and maintenance vehicles, subway entrances, business districts, office buildings The handlebars, seat cushions, car bodies and other key parts of bicycles in hot areas such as hospitals shall be cleaned and killed, and the killing frequency of service points and streets around key areas such as dongxinyuan, Longhu Chunjiang Tianxi and so on shall be improved.

More than 80000 bicycles were killed every day.

Do a good job in self-protection} single vehicle operation and maintenance personnel travel to different areas and roads every day to carry out operation and maintenance work, with strong personnel mobility.

Therefore, the operation and maintenance personnel set up a team based on the area, wear masks in the whole process, and regularly record the body temperature and health code.

At the same time, members of different groups conducted mutual inspection on the work standards during the epidemic, guarded their own epidemic protection safety line, and provided reassuring and hygienic riding front-end service guarantee for the masses.

Provide material support and the urban management department calls on cycling enterprises to actively respond to love donations and unite a strong joint force to overcome the epidemic with care and care.

Hello travel donated more than 1000 medical masks meeting the medical and epidemic prevention standards, more than 100 bottles of disposable disinfectant and more than 50 boxes of fast food materials to Zijingang Campus of Zhejiang University; Meituan donated more than 1000 epidemic prevention materials such as 6.5 tons of fresh vegetables, wash free hand sanitizer and vitamin C effervescent tablets to Shangyu District of Shaoxing City for front-line epidemic prevention and supply protection.

Warm tips from the Municipal Urban Management Bureau: the epidemic situation is repeated.

Please reduce the frequency of going out as much as possible.

If you need to ride out, you can bring sterile wipes to wipe the seats, handles and other accessible parts, and do a good job of self-protection!..