Riding safety starts from “head” 𞓜 one helmet area

Statistical analysis shows that about 80% of the traffic accidents that cause the deaths of motorcycles and electric bicycles are caused by craniocerebral injury.

Scientific research shows that if the safety helmet is worn correctly, when an accident occurs, the helmet can absorb most of the impact energy and reduce the head injury caused by the accident.

Correctly wearing safety helmets can reduce the risk of death in traffic accidents by 60% to 70%.

The “one helmet and one belt” initiative starts from me.

01 set an example.

When riding motorcycles and electric vehicles, drivers and passengers must consciously wear safety helmets and fasten safety helmet belts.

02 when buying helmets, be sure to buy qualified safety helmets.

03 do not dial or answer the handset while driving; Do not watch TV, video, etc., keep in mind the driving specifications and drive safely.

04 learn the knowledge of road traffic safety laws and regulations, improve self-protection ability and avoid traffic accidents.

(source: Shandong traffic police)..