Riding on the road must be safe first | help the popular e family, moto flash public welfare action! ​

//Safe travel / / 122 national traffic safety day “abide by laws and regulations, be courteous, safe and civilized travel” is the theme of this year’s traffic safety day.

The first sentence is different every year, and the second sentence is always “safe and civilized travel”.

Always remind everyone that safety is a top priority.

Don’t exchange small mistakes or carelessness for lifelong regrets.

In order to further promote the publicity of 122 national traffic safety day, Jingchen Washington, together with the Knights of popular e motorcycle club, jointly carried out the publicity theme activity of “riding on the road must be safe first”, and jointly performed moto flash public welfare action on the road! △ the theme logo of the tenth “national traffic safety day” in 2021 is not available, but sharpened to the edge; Set an example and encourage you.

This year is the eighth year of the popular e-locomotive Club Charity in Fengxian County.

Each year’s charity action has strengthened the perseverance of the team’s charity action.

Each charity action has improved the cohesion of the team and sublimated the spiritual world of each team member.

This year, in order to promote the establishment of a civilized city in Fengxian County, respond to the state’s management of traffic safety, prevent and reduce the casualty rate of electric vehicle traffic accidents, Jingchen Washington united with the popular e locomotive club to carry out this public welfare action, which aims to enhance the safety awareness of the general public.

At the beginning of the event, under the joint witness of both parties, every Knight of the club solemnly signed his name in the event, suggesting that the general public friends consciously abide by the traffic rules and strive to be civilized traffic citizens.

At the same time, they also start from me and themselves, and earnestly abide by the safe and civilized travel! (assembly completed) (initiative signature) (ready to set off) the matter of benefiting the people will flourish.

It is vigorous and resolute.

It aims to be able to ride on the road.

The knights who ignite Fengcheng have become a scenic spot in the eyes of the citizens to publicize their positive ability.

Where the Knights go, the citizens stop and watch one after another.

What’s more, they quickly take pictures with their hand-held machines.

It’s not hard to imagine that they will become a hot topic after dinner today.

(riding on the road) (riding on the road) After the activity (riding on the road), the volunteers participating in the activity said that they should set an example, continue to strengthen publicity and persuasion, further improve the wearing rate of safety helmets for residents driving electric vehicles, enhance the awareness of citizens to abide by laws and regulations and travel safely, and build a safety barrier for their own and others’ lives and health.

I hope that through this activity, With the joint efforts of all sectors of society, the concept of civilized transportation has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

From following the most basic signals and getting rid of bad habits, to carrying forward the spirit of the rule of law, establishing risk awareness and respecting life and rules…

Today’s “traffic safety day” has evolved into a common topic and brand activity for the whole society to care about traffic travel and traffic safety.

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