Riding for an hour, cooling 27 degrees, what experience?

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Will it rain in the Gobi desert? The sun was still burning an hour ago.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was windy and rainy.

From 25 degrees to minus 2 degrees, the temperature loss caused by the huge temperature difference brings unpredictable danger to the subsequent journey This story comes from the personal experience of Li Bai on the wheel during his journey.

What would you do if you were in this situation? Let’s see Xiaobai’s story with JC Jun tonight.

It’s winter.

Tell a story about temperature loss.

“According to the Beijing Meteorological Observatory, snowflakes have fallen in our city since the early morning of this morning.

Up to now, there is snow on the ground.

Beijing has issued a yellow warning of road icing.

Audience friends…” The news broadcast the news that the cold wave came to Beijing.

Put down my cell phone, I looked at the snow under the endless street lamp on the balcony.

Gusts of cold wind dragged my thoughts back to Gansu in October.

Suddenly there was a thunder, suddenly there was a wind, and suddenly it rained.

The wind filled the helmet, whining, mixed with the sound of rain hitting the windshield and helmet.

Echoing in my ears through my helmet.

The raincoat was blowing loudly.

A cross wind blew through, and I pressed the leaning car hard, but it was still blown to the other lane.

On the opposite driveway mountain, a big stone fell down and broke in my residual light.

“Next service area! 30km!” “What! Can’t hear?” “service area! Service area! Go in when you see it.” I closed my mask and yelled on the phone with the hammer.

The fog filled the inner wall of the mask and had to open the mask again.

Rain and cold wind hit his face again.

I dare not stop.

The temperature is falling faster than I know.

All hopes are pinned on the next service area.

An hour ago, hammer and I just ran out of the Gobi desert a hundred kilometers away.

Sighing that the rotten road is finally over, immersed in the comfort of high-speed and flat.

Wearing leather riding clothes, I even feel a little hot.

Looking at the endless Gobi on the roadside, I wonder how those plants grow.

At this time, my thermometer shows 25 degrees.

An hour later, the sun set and the reading of the thermometer kept decreasing.

I once thought that the watch was broken and the reading stopped at about 4 degrees.

The sudden drop in temperature caused the fluctuation of the air flow.

The wind on the high speed changed from left to right, mixed with dust, kept tearing us.

I saw in the rearview mirror that the hammer and his dl were also shaking in the driveway.

It’s like the wind God hasn’t played enough, so he calls rain.

Will it rain in the Gobi desert? When I was still surprised, the rain was getting denser and denser.

After a flash of lightning, there was a dull thunder, and my sight gradually blurred.

I reduced my speed, worked hard all over, held my breath, and tried to suppress the unstoppable shaking of my whole body due to cold and damp.

From itching to pain on our hands, we finally reached the service area after losing consciousness.

Hide in the hall and drink hot water to keep warm.

“When are you leaving?” The hammer asked me.

“Wait a minute.

I just felt it.” I squatted on the ground and shook my hand.

Finish the last sip.

The exhaled heat was scattered on the ground.

The empty service area has only one security man and sporadic trucks.

Hammer and I looked out of the window at the rain through the glass of the lounge.

“It seems to be getting smaller.” “It’s small.” “it’s cold!” MD, it’s not small, it’s snowing.

“” come on, hurry up, or you can’t go.

“” Hmm! “After 10 minutes, courage and delusion briefly overcame the cold.

We started the last part of the journey that was more unforgettable.

The thermometer had shown minus 2 degrees, and we turned on all the lights, including spotlights, headlights, double flashes, and even warning lights on our riding clothes.

We wanted to fight against the fear of cold and darkness on the dark highway in this way.

Ice was hung on the brim of our helmets, and snow was beating On the mask and my glasses, I can only judge where the road is through the gap between the lens and the windshield and staring at the small reflective markers on the road.

Fortunately, I installed a raised windshield.

Otherwise, I may be in a completely fuzzy state at this time.

Fortunately, the highway absorbs the residual temperature during the day, and most of the snow falling to the ground melts into water.

Suddenly I saw the stars moving in the sky.

My first thought was to freeze out an illusion.

I stared at the ground again and dared not relax.

After a while, the second star twinkled in the afterglow.

At this time, I was riding mechanically.

It’s like being frozen in a car.

It’s a plane! Not stars! This means that we are approaching Lanzhou airport.

When you enter the city, the temperature will gradually rise.

Down the highway, take the national highway, snow becomes rain, and there is no wind.

We waded a foot deep into the hotel.

I took ramen, drank a mouthful of soup and said to the hammer, “take a day off tomorrow.” “Take a day off.

“I feel the heat in Beijing in a warm room, but I still have lingering fear when I think of this experience.

If you search the key words: loss of temperature, on May 22, the 100 kilometer cross-country marathon of the Yellow River Mountain in Jingtai County, Baiyin City, Gansu Province encountered extreme weather, local hail, freezing rain, strong wind, sudden drop in temperature, physical discomfort and loss of temperature of the participants, etc.

a total of 100 kilometers were searched 151 participants were rescued and retrieved, of which 8 were slightly injured and were treated in the hospital.

21 contestants lost their vital signs when they found them.

According to the participants who lost temperature, when they encounter extreme weather, they are still hot because of sports.

When the body is unwell, there are cold hands and feet, numbness, and even blurred consciousness.

This process is very fast.

One contestant said that it took him only four minutes from numbness to unconsciousness.

The encyclopedia introduces the temperature loss in this way: I opened the map.

It turned out that we were running in this area, from Jingtai to Lanzhou.

I still remember a mountain on the map called guillotine mountain.

Think about it carefully, from the beginning to the violent shaking, and finally stopped shaking..