Riding cost is out. What level do you belong to? How much does it cost to ride a bike a year?

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Is cycling a money saving sport? Some deny it, some approve it! From the perspective of health, if you get sick less or don’t get sick, you can save medical expenses and time cost of seeing a doctor.

It’s really super cost-effective! But there are also some riders who love riding equipment and are obsessed with events.

Cycling does cost a lot of money every year.

Today, let’s discuss how much it costs to ride a bike a year? Everyone’s economic conditions and enthusiasm for riding are different, and the cost is really different.

There are many expenses on cycling every year, such as the cost of changing a new car, adding new equipment, riding activities, competition registration fee, transportation and accommodation fee, etc.

Xiao Bian calculated that he spent about 1000 yuan on cycling this year.

He participated in a competition near his home and bought a set of short sleeved cycling clothes, cycling pants, wrenches, lubricants, pipe tongs, tail lights and mobile phone supports.

They all pay attention to practicality.

They don’t pursue brands and are relatively high-quality and cheap, which are considered relatively economical! Today, Xiaobian also divides riders into several levels according to their costs.

What level do you belong to? 1.

Cost level 1: super invincible riders (100 yuan) since they bought a car (helmets may be given away by buying a car).

Basically, their consumption on riding is 0 yuan.

They don’t buy riding clothes, riding glasses or riding shoes.

They can wear sports shoes.

They don’t pursue any equipment or participate in any events.

At most, they will buy a spare tire and lubricating oil to prevent tire burst and regular maintenance.

Such riders are Cycling for the sake of health, they may be the most loyal group of cyclists.

They adhere to it every day and are very self disciplined.

It’s nothing to call it the ashes level.


Cost level 2: low-income riders (less than 500 yuan) have no entry-level riders, and basically can’t be called riding enthusiasts.

This kind of riders ride once in a while.

They don’t have requirements for equipment, don’t know professional equipment, and don’t look forward to more events.

The annual consumption is less than 500 yuan.


Consumption level 3: energy-saving riders (500-3000 yuan) some junior cyclists just know about cycling and don’t know much about cycling knowledge.

They can ride every day.

After riding continuously for a period of time, they have a certain pursuit of cycling equipment.

For example, they have a little knowledge of equipment and start to want to buy cycling clothes, cycling glasses, cycling gloves, quick drying underwear, cycling shoes, lights and code watches, However, they do not pursue high-end products.

They only choose what they need and focus on practicality.

I don’t have any experience of participating in the race.

I always have a spare tire and portable tools when I go out.

I also maintain the car regularly.

The annual cost is about 500 yuan to 3000 yuan.

Another part is the great God who has insisted on cycling for many years.

They have no special requirements for riding equipment.

A set of riding clothes can basically be worn for several years, and they are mainly domestic brands.

Some equipment is still won by winning prizes, or advertising shirts distributed for participating in ordinary events.

They don’t ride far to participate in some events in nearby cities every year, and the annual cost is not much! This type is also a relatively economical player.


Consumption level 4: well-off cyclists (3000 yuan to 15000 yuan) I think there are a relatively large number of riders at this level.

Cycling has reached a certain degree of obsession.

They will participate in some events they like every year.

Generally, they choose to drive by themselves or train.

Even if they stay outside, they will choose some clean and tidy Express Hotels; they pay a little attention to riding equipment and can buy according to purchase Buy your own things, occasionally save two months’ salary, buy a carbon knife or upgrade a large kit, and occasionally pursue a brand.

There are many wage earners in institutions, institutions and enterprises.


Consumption level 4: middle-class rational riders (15000 yuan to 30000 yuan) riders at this level pursue quality in their life.

Whether it’s riding clothes, helmets or shoes, they pursue brand quality.

They will participate in some events every year.

If they are far away, they will travel by the way.

For events closer, they will choose self driving.

Generally, they need to hang star hotels for accommodation; some riders at this level pursue high quality Quality consumption is generally dominated by individual bosses and enterprise executives.

However, there is another kind of cyclist who is very obsessed with cycling.

He does not belong to the middle class, but the annual cycling cost is mainly spent on cycling, changing a new car and upgrading accessories, such as changing a large kit, wheel set, bend handle, etc; Buy new riding clothes, lock shoes, helmets, riding glasses and code watches.

Their equipment is often mainstream products.


Consumption level 5: local tyrant fanatical riders (30000 yuan to 60000 yuan) in fact, as a cyclist, tens of thousands of yuan are spent on cycling every year.

Although not too many, they are not too few in big cities.

Such cyclists always pursue high-quality equipment.

They are relatively complete in equipment and have a higher level of participation in events or cycling activities.

As an amateur who exercises, if they can consume this every year Figures, not only have a certain economic foundation, should also belong to cycling enthusiasts.


Consumption level 6: rich riding friends (more than 60000 yuan) as a cyclist at this level, it may be a thing that ordinary cyclists can’t catch up with.

Change to a top-level vehicle, use top-level equipment, and go abroad to participate in cycling events.

The cheapest cost also has five figures.

This kind of cyclists have strong economic strength.

No matter what level of cyclists you belong to, you spend for cycling , they all invest for health.

As long as they are suitable for themselves and persist in riding, they are all real riders..